10 Most Romantic Moments Of Kundali Bhagya’s Karan-Preeta To Revisit On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day we look back at the best romantic moments between Karan and Preeta, the leading couple from the most-watched show on Indian TV.

1. Karan tears Preeta's Dupatta

Kundali Bhagya, has consistently been the number one show on Indian TV. It depicts that Karan and Preeta are the most loved couple on a TV show right now. They transitioned from being friends to enemies, who are in love with each other. This Valentine’s Day we look back at the romantic moments between the couple fondly called PreeRan.

Karan has a long history of tearing Preeta’s favourite dupattas. He has torn four dupattas of Preeta by mistake, while they were friends. He then accidentally tore another one after their fight. This moment became one of the biggest moments in their relationship because it made the fans feel like Karan and Preeta were becoming friends again.

2. Karan Proposes To Preeta

Karan tries to marry Preeta to take an act of revenge. He stops her wedding with Prithvi by taking his place in the mandap. When Karan reveals himself as Preeta’s husband, he goes down on one knee and to propose her. Preeta accepts his proposal and marries him instead of Prithvi.

3. Karan Apologises To Preeta

So this is one of the most romantic moments. Preeta realised that she doesn’t want to marry Prithvi. She imagines that Karan is sorry for ill-treating her and requests her to stop the wedding.

4. Karan and Preeta Fall Into Each Other's Arms

This is not a new romantic moment, but Karan and Preeta make it special. Preeta slips and falls into Karan’s arms. Sometimes he enters Preeta’s house from the window and falls on her bed with her.

5. Karan's Indirect Proposals To Preeta

Karan constantly tries to make Preeta realise his feelings for her. But he is never to express them. Preeta also denies her feelings for Karan. The moment they reveal their true feelings, the magic happens.

6. Karan and Preeta's Romantic Moves

Karan and Preeta love to dance and they dance together at every party in the Luthra house. They sometimes argue while dancing and even sort out their differences.

7. Karan Puts Mehndi On Preeta's Hand

Karan goes to the Preeta’s Kumkum Bhagya hall for his mehndi ceremony with Mahira. However, by luck or fate, Karan ends up putting mehndi on Preeta’s hand first. This was the moment when Preeta realised that she is destined to be with Karan.

8. Karan and Preeta Play Holi Together

Karan realised that he has feelings for Preeta and wanted to propose to her at the Holi celebrations. They play Holi like friends, but as the opportunity to propose her approaches, he becomes unconscious because of the bhaang he consumed.

9. Karan and Preeta's Silly Arguments

The biggest part of Karan and Preeta’s relationship is their silly arguments. They call each other silly names. Karan calls Preeta ‘Babydoll’ sarcastically. As these arguments are not serious, they are funny memories that Preeta and Karan look back to cherish.

10. Karan And Preeta Protect Each Other

They may fight with each other, but when the opportunity comes, Karan is always there to protect Preeta. He saves her from getting stabbed in his house or molested on the street and shot by terrorists. Preeta too protects Karan and tries to save his family by exposing Sherlyn’s secret.

Which is your favourite moment of Karan and Preeta on the show? Let us know in the comments below. If you like Karan and Preeta’s relationship on the show, you should check out Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh’s series Never Kiss Your Best Friend on ZEE5.