13 Amazing Facts You Should Know If You Love Chai Like Kumkum Bhagya’s Pragya

In between shots, vacations, off days or even flights – you will never find Kumkum Bhagya's Pragya without her cup of tea.

Sriti Jha Plays Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya

Anyone who said Sriti Jha is single perhaps forgot to check her Instagram. The actress has been in a long-standing and loyal relationship with…drum rolls…chai. Yes, you read that right! A cup of chai or cha or tea and a book are her breakfast staples, and the beverage stays with Sriti wherever she goes. In between shots, vacations, off days or even flights – you will never find the Kumkum Bhagya star without her cuppa!

For those seeking evidence, here, check out these pictures

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Her idea of unwinding is reading with tea sips. Food for the soul quite literally!

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A long way home

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Do you see a cup in this frame? Yeah, that, her significant other.

But tea is not just Sriti’s soulmate. Many lovers across the world found the love of their life in the drink. And as winter approaches (in parts of Asia at least), a dose of hot tea becomes more and more synonymous with warmth and happiness. Regardless of preferences – green tea, without sugar, extra milk, just off the stove – a bunch of leaves binds its consumers across the globe together, brewing a romance with each one. But no matter what, a tea lover never really stops looking for the perfect cup of cha.

Sharing the love of it and continuing the hunt we stumbled upon these interesting and bit weird facts about tea. Here, scroll on to find out…

  1. Legend has it that tea was accidentally discovered. It all started when a leaf fell in a Chinese Emperor’s bowl ages ago.
  2. Before it became an everyday drink, tea consumption was restricted for medicinal purposes only.
  3. Herbal tea, Mint tea is not actually tea but infusion.
  4. Tea leaves can soak in moisture, make sure you store them in air-tight containers.
  5. Damp tea leaves act as excellent mosquitoes’ repellent. Soak them in water and keep aside in a room to avoid pests from troubling you.
  6. In its early days, tea was considered a luxurious commodity and was expensive. It was stored in special chests and the lady of the house had to protect it.
  7. Loose tea leaves remain good for two years while tea bags should be used within six months of its manufacture.
  8. Tea tasting is very much a profession, like wine tasting. It, in fact, is one of the handsome paying jobs in the world
  9. Tea leaves pressed between bricks were once used as a currency in China.
  10. There is a reason why people prefer to slurp and have tea. It enhances its taste.
  11. Ginger tea helps with morning sickness and cold while Chrysanthemum tea is the best for headaches and fever.
  12. Puffy eyes? Keep moist tea bags on them, it helps.
  13. A variety of green tea, found in Japan, helps increase the metabolism rate.

Besides these, there are more and more facts about tea which we still aren’t aware of. But as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, ‘there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a cup of tea,’ tea is an emotion than just a beverage.

And along with your cup of tea, binge watch episodes from the beloved show Kumkum Bhagya streaming free on ZEE5.

Chai is the answer to life’s problems, do you agree? Comment in the box below and let us know how you like your tea.