2XTheLove: 10 Sensational Moments Between TV Couples You Must Revisit On Valentine’s Day

ZEE5 turns 2 on 14 February 2020. On this day of love anniversary, let's re-look at best romantic moments between Preeran, Akshan and Abhigya.

Karan And Preeta's Shower Scene

Most of the popular couples on Indian TV have epic romances, whether it is Abhi-Pragya’s 20 year-long relationship on Kumkum Bhagya or Karan-Preeta’s short-lived marriage in Kundali Bhagya. Each relationship has its own ups and downs which makes them even more relatable to the audiences. Here’s a shortlist of romantic moments that had the audiences that really impacted audiences.

Karan goes to Preeta’s house to confront her about Mahira. But Karan finds himself getting attracted to Preeta. He tries to prank her in the shower but makes himself wet. He spends some moments close to Preeta which is something that excited the fans.

Kalyani And Malhar Get Divorced

Kalyani saves Malhar from the Naxalites and brings him home. Then Rachit reveals himself to be the true villain and threatens to kill Moksh if Kalyani doesn’t leave Malhar. In this heartbreaking episode, Kalyani chooses to marry Rachit and divorces Malhar.

Guddan and AJ's Deadly Honeymoon

Guddan and AJ have the most dramatic honeymoon in the history of television. AJ and Guddan spend some romantic moments in their room, but that very night AJ is blackmailed into killing Guddan and throwing her off the cliff. This episode was one roller coaster of emotions for the viewers.

Karan Marries Preeta And Abandons Her

In another shocking episode, Karan marries Preeta with the perfect proposal. Just when fans were filled with joy, Karan tells Preeta that he married her only for revenge and leaves her in the middle of the road on their wedding night itself.

Kabir Finds Zara Dead

In this heart-breaking episode, Ishq Subhan Allah fans were shocked when Zara was shot and killed in front of Kabir’s eyes. As Ishq Subhan Allah completes 500 episodes, Kabir finally managed to catch Zara’s real killer.

Pragya and Abhi Reunite After 20 years

Fans were eagerly awaiting Abhi and Pragya’s reunion after the 20-year leap. They got their wishes when Pragya and Abhi meet by chance at a construction site. However, this romantic moment was abrupted when Abhi was hit in the head by a cement slab.

Kabir and Zara's First Night Together

This is a moment that all Ishq Subhan Allah fans will want to go back to. Kabir and Zara’s first night together after getting married is all things romantic.

Asmita's Death On Yeh Teri Galiyan

Asmita and Shantanu’s relationship has been through numerous ups and downs on the show. However, they have managed to survive all of them together. In the most recent twist, Asmita is killed by Mr. Shekhawat while trying to protect Shantanu. To the audience’s surprise, Shantanu soon comes across Asmita’s lookalike Devika.

Shiv Reveals His Demonic Side To Ananya

Shiv is in love with Ananya but he has a demon inside him to is tempted to steal Ananya’s blood. Mohini the witch constantly tries to get the demon inside Shiv because it will make her more powerful. In an intense black magic ritual she makes Shiv turn into a demon while he is on a romantic date with Ananya.

Randhir Turns Into Haiwaan and Hurts Amrita

Randhir’s sworn enemy, Jia turns him into a Haiwaan. When Randhir becomes the very thing he was fighting against, he is unable to control himself. His evil side surfaces while he is trying to romantic with his ladylove Amrita and he ends up hurting her.

Which was the biggest moment of your favourite couple? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the complicated relationship of Sumer and Tanie in the ZEE5 Original series ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘.