5 Best Clips From One-Of-A-Kind Hindi Sci-fi Show Haiwaan To Perfectly Sum Up The Story

While Haiwaan will meet its conclusion this weekend, these moments from the show, packed with romance and action, prove that it was ahead of it's time

1. Ansh Finds Out Amrita Loves Randhir

Haiwaan is set to air it’s final episodes this weekend. It will be remembered as one of the rare sci-fi and superhero shows on Indian TV. This show is centered around the lives of two friends Randhir and Ansh who fall in love with the same girl, Amrita. However, Randhir is a genius scientist and Ansh is a superhuman. Amrita too is a cop caught in between Ansh, the man who loves her and Randhir, the man she loves.

Randhir doesn’t realise that Amrita loves him. Ansh tries to propose to Amrita but he is heartbroken to find out that she loves Randhir. In this vulnerable moment, Randhir’s biggest enemy Jia, another scientist who uses her science to make super-monsters or Haiwaans, decides to use Ansh reach Randhir.

Ansh Attacks Randhir

In an attempt to get Randhir out of his life, Jia convinces Ansh to become a Haiwaan. Jia helps Ansh because he wants Randhir’s red diary full of secrets. Since he was already a superhuman, Ansh becomes the strongest Haiwaan. However, he is unable to control his evil urges and decides to get rid of Randhir. Ansh tries his best to kill Randhir without revealing his true identity as a Haiwaan.

Randhir Becomes Haiwaan

Randhir thinks he found the cure for Ansh but realises that it was just a trick. Ansh makes Amrita lose her memory to forget Randhir. When Randhir saves Amrita, he decides to teach Ansh a lesson. Jia makes Randhir into an Haiwaan too and begins controlling his actions. Amrita and Randhir’s assistant Baby, save him from becoming a monster.

Randhir And Amrita Find Out Ansh Is Haiwaan

Randhir eventually puts the pieces together and realises that this new Haiwaan is none other than Ansh himself. He also figures out that the reason for Ansh to become Haiwaan is Amrita. Randhir first decides to give up Amrita to protect his friendship. However, Randhir realises that he is truly in love with Amrita and he cannot give her up so instead he tries to turn Ansh back into a human.

Randhir and Ansh Fight For The Ratna

When Jia’s plans to get Randhir’s red diary fails, she goes for something more powerful, the ratna. She uses the help of Ashwathama to steal the gemstone while Randhir joins a tribe protecting it. The stone ends up with Ansh, who decides to give it to Randhir only if Randhir gives up Amrita. When Randhir refuses a fight breaks out between him and Ansh where the true power of the stone is revealed.

Will Randhir and Ansh become friends again to defeat the evil forces of Jia and Ashwathama? Find out in the final weekend of Haiwaan. Catch up on all the episodes of Haiwaan streaming on ZEE5. Watch the ZEE5 Original sci-fi series ‘Skyfire‘ starring Prateek Babbar and Sonal Chauhan.