5 Hairstyles Of Aapke Aa Jane Se’s Karan Jotwani Aka Sahil Agarwal That You Can Replicate!

The actor's stylish hairdos are one of the many factors that makes him stand out. Learn how you can get them with these simple steps!

1. The short length textured hairdo

Karan Jotwani's Short Hair Texture Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

To be able to style the look, you will first need to get a haircut like the one Karan has in this picture. It’s called the short length textured cut. Since it’s a fad these days, it’s not necessary that you have to restrict yourself to getting this cut from a high-end salon.

Visit a local salon and get this super stylish hairdo within your budget! The next step is to maintain this look. For that, all you need is some hair wax. Apply it on either side of your head, and some extra, in the middle. Simply run the wax through the hair to set it, and voila!

A hair wax is better than hair gel as it has a setting powder that will help your hair stay in shape. Plus it’s very easy to use! Click here to buy this Gatsby hair wax from Amazon for just Rs. 122!

Not only does Karan gives #hairstylegoals in real life but also on-screen. Check out how stylish the actor looks in this episode from the show.

2. The Faux Hawk look

Karan Jotwani's Mohawk Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

For this hairstyle, you don’t need to get the cut. All you need is some hair cream and you’re good to go! The first step involves making a middle partition. Next, take some cream and use it in the middle portion of your hair.

Take a handful of your hair (according to how much you want) and make it stand up by applying the cream. You will notice the middle part of your hair turning into a mohawk, just like Karan sports in the picture.

Don’t worry about the mohawk dissembling as a good hair cream helps it stay put. If you want a good product, try out this advanced one by Parachute from Amazon.

3. The side swept mane

Karan Jotwani's Side Swept Mane Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

Now this one can be replicated only by men who have long hair. Sorry, boys!

If you have lengthy locks, this hairstyle is easily doable with the help of a good hairspray. Start by making a side partition with your comb. Next, take some strands from the side parted hair and spike them up. Repeat the same with the other sections of your hair with the method of backcombing.

This will help add the ‘messy’ look to your hair. Next, apply hairspray and let it set. You will feel your hair becoming stiff but don’t worry, as that is supposed to happen!

Hairsprays have a stiffening agent to set your hairstyle and keep it intact. Check out this hairspray by Gatsby for Rs. 380, that you can use for this hairdo. All the best!

4. Side part medium hairdo

Karan Jotwani's Side Parted Medium Hairstyle
Source: Instagram

The trick to replicate this hairstyle is to make the other sections of your hair look sticky, leaving the middle portion dry. Easy right?

If you have a dense fringe in the middle, make it fluffy by using a hairbrush and backcombing that portion. Next, take some hair oil and apply it on rest of your hair. This will accentuate your fringe and give you the desired look!

Try this organic hair oil by Khadi that is chemical-free.

5. Comb over fade hairdo

Karan Jotwani's Comb Over Fade Hairdo
Source: Instagram

Follow the same steps as above to get this hairstyle. The only difference is that you will need to do some extra backcombing for the side-parted flick.

Also, you will get a similar effect by using a hair mist instead of gel or cream. A hair mist has a moisturizing ingredient that prevents your hair from becoming stiff. It also protects your hair from excess heat!

If you feel a mist would work better for you than a spray, buy this product from Amazon for Rs. 299!

If you love quirky hairdos, check out Vicky Kaushal’s super cool look in Manmarziyan for some more inspiration.

Which of Karan’s hairstyles are you eager to try first? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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