5 Most Hilarious Escapades Of Badri-Buddh In Bandbudh Aur Budbak On ZEE5 KIDS!

From inventing a new yogasana to chasing squirrels on trees, Badri and Buddh are always up to shenanigans! Stream this on ZEE5 for #NonStopBachFUN

1. Making their classmates do "Murgasan"

For non-stop BachFUN, enjoy the story of Badrinath and Buddhdeb in Bandbudh and Budbak on ZEE5 KIDS! With these shows, we have ensured that not just you but your entire family will also stay entertained, including kids. While you are safe at home during the Coronavirus #Lockdown, don’t worry about getting bored! To laugh away, watch some of the hilarious escapades that the two boys have pulled off in this animated comedy series:

1. Making their classmates do “Murgasan”

Literally, murga is Hindi for rooster! But, it is also a famous punishment given to kids in school for their mischievous behaviour. Well, look how Badri and Buddh turned a reprimand into a ruckus. Inspired by their yoga teacher Yogiraj sir, the boys invented a new exercise called the “murgasan”. They make their classmates bend down and hold their ears from between their legs!

2. Buddhdeb turns into a genius

Badrinath tries to pluck mangoes from a tree outside Apna School. While doing so, he aims a brick at the tall tree but it hits Buddhdeb on his head. Suddenly, Buddh turns into a genius in a fraction of a second! He answers all the questions correctly in class. The principal, Rathi sir and class teacher, Dubey ji are astonished to see him. They seat him on a throne and carry him like a king!

3. Badrinath goes mad by magic

Badrinath and Buddhdeb are walking together on their way to school. When they reach the library, Badri realises that everything he speaks is magically coming true. So, he decides to use it and pull pranks on everyone. He utters words such that the fattest kid in class, Jeeva’s pants tear and fall off his chair. Later, without realising, he says, “Main pagal ho jaunga!” and goes mad!

4. The funniest painting ever

The art teacher of Apna School, Bindiya madam, enrols Badri and Buddh into a painting competition. She trains them well and believes that they will do an excellent job! On the day of the competition, the boys win a shining trophy and their principal, Rathi sir, is elated. When they show the painting, it’s a blob of colours. They explain that a bull ate grass and walked off, only leaving poop behind!

5. Forming the 'Naughty 4'

While playing football in their school ground, twin sisters Maira and Saira kick the ball into the principal’s office and break his trophies. As always, assuming that Badri and Buddh are behind the damage, Rathi sir punishes the boys. Now, with more energy pumped inside them, Badri-Buddh make a group with Maira-Saira and call themselves the ‘Naughty 4’!

To witness more of their mischief, watch all the episodes of Bandbudh and Budbak, streaming only on ZEE5 KIDS!

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