5 Times Guddan Defeated AJ’s Hatred With Her Love On Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

From revealing Antara's truth to exposing Vikrant's lies,here is a list of several incidents when she made him realise the truth and won back his love

1. Guddan Reveals Antara's Truth

Guddan and AJ separated on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, after the latter refused to have faith in Guddan once again. Antara returned in AJ’s life and convinced him Guddan was pregnant with his child and got an abortion. Guddan tries explaining that she was never pregnant and AJ refused to believe her. Guddan leaves AJ after giving up on him. Here’s a list of 5 times Guddan tried to win over AJ’s trust with her love.

The last time Antara tries to get back in AJ and Guddan’s marriage, she almost succeeded. Antara took AJ out of his own house and was about to make Guddan marry another man. Guddan constantly tries to make AJ see the truth but fails. In the end, she manages to prove Antara’s wrongdoing while she is in the mandap.

2. Guddan Proves Alisha Is Lying

Alisha enters AJ’s house and reveals that she is AJ and Antara’s daughter. She makes her intentions clear about wanting to separate Guddan and AJ. When AJ’s friend Vikrant shows up, Alisha claims that he raped her. AJ immediately believe Alisha and hates Guddan for not doing so. Guddan finds proof that Alisha is lying and shows Alisha’s true side.

3. Guddan Proves AJ's Friend Vikrant Is Evil

When AJ’s friend Vikrant comes home to get revenge on his old friend, Guddan once again protects AJ. Vikrant tries to use AJ’s rebellious daughter, Alisha, to destroy AJ and Guddan’s marriage. AJ once again doesn’t believe when Guddan says that Vikrant is trying to hurt him. Guddan again proves Vikrant’s real intentions to AJ to save their marriage.

4. Guddan Proves That She Wants To Marry AJ

AJ wants to remarry Guddan and says if he wants to marry him she should wear the saree he gave her during the engagement. Durga and Saraswati dye Guddan’s sari in the wrong colour. AJ refuses to get engaged to Guddan because she didn’t wear his gift. Both of them slip into the pool where the dye comes off and AJ feel happy as Guddan still wants to get married to him.

5. Guddan Find Out Why AJ Tried To Kill Her

AJ tries to shoot Guddan on their honeymoon but she survives. When she returns home, Guddan is convinced that he doesn’t want to kill her even AJ tries to convince Guddan that he hates her. In the end, Guddan finally figures out that it is Revathi was blackmailing AJ.

After Guddan left him, AJ’s life has gone from bad to worse. How do you feel AJ will manage to get Guddan back in his life? Let us know in the comments below. Watch Sumer and Tanie’s story of love friendship and trust in ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘ on ZEE5.