5 Times Nia Sharma Proved Millennial Pink Is Here To Stay

Trends are forever evolving and changing. But some stay with us longer. Here are 5 times the pink shade got Jamai Raja actress' vote.


What goes up must come down! But it holds little to no value in the world of fashion. The carousel never stops turning in here. Every ‘It’ is born with a eulogy, a glorious one perhaps, but definite too. So, the millennial pink is dead as they say. But, I have to ask, really? Welcome, Living Coral (Pantone Color of the Year 2019). But Nia Sharma may not be over the 2016 colour, Millennial Pink. Safe to say, pink is Nia’s Jamai Raja character Roshni Patel’s favourite colour too. What’s the proof you ask? Sample this:

Trends are ever ‘evolving’ and we are forever spinning into a whirlwind of catching up with vogue. Except that runways are really on the run! Nia, who turned 28 in September 2018, has time and again proved that the while the shade may be dead to you, it is still very much enjoying quite a moment with her.

Enter the list below to see the 5 times the Zee5 actress voted for millennial pink:

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Absorbed by worries so mundane!

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In August 2018, Nia took off to the snow-clad mountains of Switzerland to unwind every bit of her being. During her stay, she once wore this millennial pink blazer dress with a quirk touch in the form of a hoodie. She paired them with a nude palette and black ankle-length boots. The class is as the class does!

Last year, Nia posted this luminous picture of herself in a satin ensemble. May we introduce you to the colour? I guess you are abreast on it yourself. De facto, probably.

Hey, what colour is that? Pink? MILLENNIAL PINK. ‘Nuff said. Inside or outside the vanity, the colour is brewing a strong romance with the starlet.

Some ethnic loving for the television actress. It blends in with her features and a svelte figure like peas in a pod.

A throwback to years ago when millennial pink was everyone’s favourite baby and now they discard it like it’s not theirs? Not fair. No offence Living Coral.

Well, designer houses and fashion followers have clearly not stopped painting it millennial pink just yet so why should you? Is pink your favourite colour? Give it a shoutout in the comments box below and let’s bring it back on the runway!

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