5 Tips To Get A Perfectly Toned Body Like Actress Nia Sharma

Let’s admit it – we are all jealous beyond-words-can-probably-describe of Jamai Raja actress Nia Sharma’s sleek and slender frame.

1. Eat Clean

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Let’s admit it – we are all jealous beyond-words-can-probably-describe of Nia Sharma’s sleek and slender frame. Her towering persona, courtesy her good gene game, makes an impressive way before you look at her luminous career. Besides, heck boy, Nia is one of the top three Sexiest Asian women! Beat that. You can try every trick in the book but can come nowhere close to this magic named Nia Sharma.

Nia, who played Roshni Patel in Zee TV show Jamai Raja, is a fitness freak and a fashion mogul in equal parts. She loves to stay dedicated to her diet and workout, as much as she loves to pick the most attention-getting dress in the room. And if you are one of us, who always go green with envy looking at Nia’s svelte and smouldering hot body, here are five tips for you to get a figure like a starlet…

An ideal routine is 70% food and 30% exercise. What you eat significantly impacts how you look. Stay away from them junk food, aerated drinks, oily stuff and remember – a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! Nia Sharma does not eat street food at all.

2. Stay Hydrated

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Water helps flush out toxins and contains no calories at all, thereby contributing to less intake of food. Eventually, you will eat less and thus, fewer fats. 

3. Proper Sleep

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It is said that an average adult needs 7.5-8 hour of sleep. Anything less than this can hinder your thinking abilities, affect your immune system and also lead to weight loss. At the same time, extra hours of sleep are considered unhealthy too. 

4. Regular Exercise

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Every machine requires a lubricant in order to function smoothly. Exercise is that lubricant for our body. Not only does workout act as a stress buster it can also tone your muscles and lead you towards a heart-healthy life. 

5. De-stress

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Stress is correlated to weight gain (even loss in some cases). Thus, take a break and give yourself time to relax and unwind from your hectic life. You deserve it! 

Got anything more to add? Do comment and share your views. Stay tuned for more dope on Nia Sharma and her routine. 

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