7 Best ‘I Love You’ Moments On TV In 2019: Vote For Your Favourite Couple Here

From Abhi-Pragya's serendipitous reunion to AJ-Guddan's beautiful honeymoon, we've picked the best romantic moments that melted our hearts.

1. Abhi and Pragya's Drunk Romance

Often TV shows rely on shocking twists with life-threatening dangers like kidnappings and terrorist attacks to keep the audience interested. However, at it’s core most TV shows are about a couple in love who face uncountable obstacles to remain together. From Abhi and Pragya’s romantic saga to Malhar and Kalyani’s modern love, there is no a shortage of romantic moments on TV shows. Here’s a round-up of some of the most memorable romantic moments seen on TV this year.

Abhi and Pragya had been apart for 20 years and every time they came face to face something or the other went wrong. However, things finally worked out when Pragya finds Abhi drunk at a bar and takes him to her house to recover. This episode is iconic because of the fun banter seen after a very long time between Abhi and Pragya. Also, it has no sinister twists, no secrets are exposed, no one catches them together and creates a scene. It’s just two lovers spending time together after 20 years.

2. Karan and Preeta's Dream-like Romance

Karan and Preeta have always been in love with each other but never been able to say it. The only way fans could catch a glimpse of their romantic side would be through a dream sequence. In this dream sequence, Karan asks Preeta to forgive him for all his wrongdoings and asks her to fall back in love with him. This episode would have healed hearts even if it was to later break them again.

3. Kabeer And Zara's Love Beyond Death

Kabeer and Zara were married and later divorced. However, they were unable to fall out of love with each other and always remained in each other’s lives. While Kabeer and Zara never got married again, Zara was able to know Kabeer’s true feelings for her. In this scene, Kabeer expresses his love for Zara and asks her to re-marry him. However, it has a tragic end with Zara’s untimely death.

4. Guddan And AJ's Romantic Holdiay

AJ and Guddan spend a lot of their time at home solving problems in their own marriage or dealing with family troubles. Which is why AJ and Guddan going on a honeymoon vacation was a much needed break for them. In one of the few steamy scenes on TV this year, Guddan and AJ spend some quality time on their holiday, which again ends with a bang as Guddan is shot and killed.

5. Sammy-Srishti Friends-turned-lovers

Srishti and Sammy were friends who were possessive about each other. However, they both always got jealous seeing each other get along with any other guy/girl. In the end, Sammy and Srishti both accept their feelings for each other. However, that doesn’t stop them from having friendly arguments over who drives the car or getting into trouble together.

6. Ranbir And Prachi's College Romance

Ranbir and Prachi go to the same college and work in the same office too. While they don’t get along with each other, they do have mutual respect for each other. Whenever Prachi is attacked, Ranbir steps up to defend her honour. Prachi and Ranbir both slowly realise that they are developing feelings for each other. However, they keep denying it.

7. Kalyani and Malhar's Modern Love

On Tujhse Hai Raabta, Kalyani and Malhar’s relationship is based on mutual respect for each other’s feelings. Kalyani never fails to stand up for herself despite being much younger to Malhar. In this scene Malhar thanks Kalyani for helping him out of trouble while they both show their love for each other without saying it.

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