Ankita Lokhande’s Instagram Photos Are Giving Us Major Sister Goals

Ankita Lokhande often shares her feelings for her sister Ashita on Instagram. And if you have a younger sister, you'll totally relate to it.

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” – Amy Li

Do you have a sister? Because that pretty much gives you the liberty of having the say in any and every conversation pertaining to sisters. Be it the emotional blackmailing and the sharing or clothes, to fighting like cats but also standing by each other like a rock – sure you have been there and done it all. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t trade the love you share with her for the world! At least Ankita Lokhande of Pavitra Rishta wouldn’t.

The Bollywood debutante has been showering a lot of love on her cousin sister, Ashita. Ankita’s bond with her younger sister proves that #sistersbeforemisters go beyond an Instagram caption. She seems to be very protective of her! Ain’t that every elder sister ever though? If you went ‘hell yeah,’ here are 15 things only you’d understand, what its like to have a younger sissie.

1. You always have a standing date for movies, shopping haul and everything else.

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2. You don’t just own your clothes, but your sister’s too.

3. Retail therapy is actually a therapy.

4. You know how to communicate with the look.

5. You have code names for literally everyone you meet.

6. You have been to a war zone and back, several times.

7. Reading people’s comments on social media and low-key judging is your favourite pastime.

8. Everything is your fault, always. ALWAYS.

9. You have a dance schedule and a partner for the songs you love.

10. Your evil mind never works just alone.

11. Your parents are always complaining and cribbing about giving birth to monsters.

12. Your date is probably made fun of and judged constantly, but of course, he/she won’t know, ever.

13. You are someone’s hero and it’s a damn good feeling.

14. You never get caught because you have a solid backup plan – sister.

15. You know what it means to love and be loved unconditionally.

Not just in real life, even in reel life, Ankita as Archana Deshmukh has been very endearing towards her younger siblings on Pavitra Rishta.

Think you can relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments box. Also, share with us if you have anything more to add.