Ashish Sharma Craves For ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ Just As Much As Any Of Us, Here’s Proof

A sneak peek into his Sunday Binge reveals that Rab Se Sohna Isshq actor Ashish Sharma only craves for food cooked by his dearest wifey.

Ashish Sharma strikes a pose in a brown coat

Three words, eleven letters, say it and we are floored: Ghar Ka Khaana. Those staying away from their home can very well understand the pain of missing piping hot meals cooked by your loving mommy. Albeit the regular middle-class society considers home-cooked food as the best meal, it is a common notion that stars only treat their appetite to ambrosial food, the same is, however, not true for all. Rab Se Sohna Isshq actor Ashish Sharma for example only indulges in a ‘humble’ meal.

A simple roti, sabji, dal and chawal  is his version of divine and scrumptious. Don’t let those chiseled abs and sculpted-to-perfection bod fool you, we have proof. A sneak peek into his Sunday Binge reveals he only craves for food cooked by his dearest wifey!

A lush spread of ghee on the roti, sabji and jaggery is what his idea of opulence is!

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Eat humble be humble..

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The secret to his ‘fitastic’ body is that even his salads are simple and easy to make at home.

Onion, tomato uttapam , and chutney for breakfast, anyone?

No matter how big of a superstar you are, nothing beats Maa ke haath ka gajar halwa, period.

Even when outdoors, the actor prefers to eat only basic and doesn’t seem like much of a fan of anything but Indian cuisines. Not sure about you, but our hunger pangs have definitely kicked in hard!

Who else is craving for a delectable meal? Fan of Indian food? Missing Ghar Ka Khaana just like us? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay tuned for more updates about Ashish Sharma and Rab Se Sohna Isshq.

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