Baarish Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Gauravi Promises To Teach English To Anuj

In the latest episode, Anuj clears all the misunderstandings between him and Gauravi. He asks Gauravi if she will teach him English and she agrees.


In the previous episode of Baarish, Shreya feels suffocated in Aniket’s house and complains to her friends. She then scolds her driver for not informing her before taking her father-in-law out. Aniket gets angry at Shreya for shouting at his father. On the other hand, Gauravi tells Anuj to hold a meeting with the clients and motivates him to do better. As the presentation fails, Anuj feels rejected. Rishi and Falguni try to create misunderstandings between Anuj and Gauravi. Anuj tells Gauravi that Rishi helps the business to grow and he cannot do meetings.

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In the latest episode, in the jail, Gauravi signs the stamp papers. The lawyer gets angry at Gauravi for spoiling the papers. Gauravi asks the lawyer for a favour and tells him to not allow Anuj to meet her. In the flashback, Gauravi feels upset seeing Anuj with Falguni. Anuj seeks apology from Gauravi for scolding her. She promises to not interfere in his life. Aniket questions Shreya for leaving the AC on. Shreya loses her cool and questions the family about the electricity bill.

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Aniket tries to cheer up an upset Shreya and talks to her. Anuj and Gauravi go to have lunch with Jinya and Sourabh. Anuj discusses the problem with Sourabh and the latter makes him understand the importance of having a partner. Sourabh asks Anuj to clear the misunderstandings between him and Gauravi. Anuj shares his story with Gauravi about Falguni. He asks Gauravi to teach him English.

What will happen next? Will Gauravi be able to teach English to Anuj? Watch all episodes of Baarish, streaming now only on ZEE5.

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