Bahu In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Kundali Bhagya’s Preeta Will Make A Great Wife To Karan

In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Preeta get married. Here are 5 reasons why we feel she will make a good wife and daughter-in-law.

1. Preeta is a loving soul

Shraddha Arya as Preeta Karan Luthra in a still from Kundali Bhagya
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Karan and Preeta finally are man and wife, after tons of drama, twists and turns, on Kundali Bhagya. Fans of #PreeRan (fans’ nickname for Karan and Preeta) are elated beyond words but also upset with the way things unfolded after the wedding. Prithvi and Sherlyn are heartbroken and disappointed while Sarla was shocked to see Karan at the mandap. Nevertheless, the nuptials took place only further drive a wedge between Karan and Preeta. Yes, Karan tied the knot with Preeta so that he could abandon her and make her and her family’s life miserable. A distraught Preeta returns to her mother’s home where her relatives ask her to take action against the Luthra family.

All said and done, neither Karan nor Preeta are happy staying apart. We don’t know when and how the two will reconcile. But what we do know for sure is that if and when that happens, Preeta will make a great wife to Karan and a lovely daughter-in-law of the Luthras. We have compiled a list of five reasons why we feel so strongly! To begin with, Preeta is extremely loving. She is a righteous person who doesn’t do anything wrong and loves with all her heart. Thus, when she goes to Luthra house, we are sure it won’t take her long to win everyone over with her affection and warmth.

2. Preeta is strong, independent and upholds her self-respect above everything

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Preeta
Still from Kundali Bhagya with Preeta

No matter how hard Shristhi and Preeta’s uncle are trying to convince her to demand alimony from Karan, Preeta is strongly against it. She is an independent girl who believes in earning her own money and not conning her way through. Moreover, she doesn’t act all damsel in distress after being left by her husband. Preeta argues that if the Luthras didn’t come to take her home, even she didn’t go to their house after the marriage took place.

3. Preeta respects elders

Preeta, Sarla and Shrishti in a scene from Kundali Bhagya
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Preeta is hands down a person who has a soft nature and holds her value system and morals above everything. Thus, no matter how ill-treated she is in the Luthra house, after Mahesh’s accident, Preeta doesn’t stop respecting them and looking out for them. This goes to show that Preeta shall take care of both her family and Karan’s family, after marriage.

4. Preeta cares selflessly

Shraddha Arya as Preeta in Kundali Bhagya
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We had all expected Preeta to be a pati-vrata nari. Because even when Karan threw hatred and taunts her way, she would still hope he’d realize his mistakes someday. In fact, she immediately believed Karan’s proposal and accepted it at the altar without any second thoughts. Several past incidents cement our belief that Preeta is a selfless and giving person. Also, she is highly optimistic.

5. Preeta is a compassionate companion

Preeta hugs Karan in a still from Kundali Bhagya
(Image Source: ZEE5)

Even when they were just friends, Karan and Preeta exercised a certain right over each other which allowed no one else to have. Amid all the confusion, we believe Karan and Preeta’s love story will find its happy ending! However, it is their sizzling chemistry, which they earlier refrained from indulging in on many occasions, that will get a chance to bloom. Their cute banters, fights sure kept us hooked all along and it’d be a delight to watch these best friends turned life partners to enjoy a happily ever after.

What are your thoughts about Preeta? Do you agree she will make a great bahu and biwi? Tell us in the comments box below.

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