Bhumi Pednekar On Not Just Supper Stars: People Didn’t Recognise Me After I Lost Weight

Designer Nikhil Thampi, who joined Bhumi on the show, says, "She is like a Mata Jee. She is there with a solution to every issue."

Bhumi Pednekar on Not Just Supper Stars

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha actress Bhumi Pednekar recently graced ZEE5 show Not Just Supper Stars along with her friend and leading designer Nikhil Thampi. During her visit, Bhumi revealed details about her weight gain and weight loss journey, being a travel person and more. Host Gunjan Utreja put the duo through a series of games, in between which a lot of revelations were made.

“It took me a year to put on that. I was eating like a Punjabi, every day, trust me. There was butter, butter chicken, pizza and all,” shared Bhumi throwing light on gaining 30 kilos for Dum Laga Ke Haisha. She further added, “It was my dream role and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to this journey I am on. But when you are beginning, the stakes are not high. However, I am a big-time foodie. So, paise mil rahe hai, acting karne ko mil rahi hai, khaana khaane mil raha hai…it couldn’t be better,” she laughs off.

Actress Bhumi Pednekar on Not Just Supper Stars
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Asked about losing all those pounds, she revealed, “For a year, I barely met my friends. I changed my lifestyle. I had 8 months till my film released and I wanted to lose at least 50% of the weight I gained. People didn’t recognise me, there were second looks.” Prod her about who she is as a person, she said, “Bhumi is this modern, ambitious and independent Bombay girl. The city is a big part of who I am. My life’s the same. People recognise you, they want to click pictures with you but I love it. This is what I wanted. This is very flattering.”

Spilling the beans on her travel, workout and music preferences, she told Gunjan, “I am a travel person. I have been travelling since I was a child. You meet such different people, the kind of people you meet. I am travelling for myself, I am travelling for food. I am a moody listener. I will be listening to Ghazal on some days and techno the next day. It’d be like a 15-minute workout, but I am blasting. I am running. I am in the gym every morning.”

Nikhil Thampi, Bhumi Pednekar on Not Just Supper Stars
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Nikhil, soon after joining Bhumi, revealed, “Fashion is never a topic of discussion. Nikhil says she is like a Mata Jee. She is there with a solution to every issue.  Nikhil is my home. He is my place of comfort. I feel very secure with him, he’s got so much love to give. For my major moments in life, he has dressed me. His clothes are so sexy and powerful. This friendship is going to go on forever. I have known her before she entered the industry. She was this firecracker of energy, we knew she was going to do something massive with her life. She just lights a room up!”

Gunjan quizzed Bhumi if she ever needs an ego boost, she replied saying, “I am anyway high on life. If I get an ego boost, I will become overconfident so I don’t need one.”

“Turai is a very sad vegetable. My mum keeps forcing me, it’s something very good for your gut and stomach. But I cannot have it,” the Shubh Mangal Savdhaan star said. Watch the entire episode here:

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