Did You Know Emraan Hashmi’s Tigers Is Inspired By A Real-Life Incident?

Directed by Danis Tanovic, the story became a talking point globally as it was highlighted by the World Health Organisation.

Emraan Hashmi in Zee5 original film Tigers

Emraan Hashmi is in the news once again but this time it’s not for an intimate scene or a romantic song. The lover boy has surprised us with an unconventional role. The actor plays the role of a salesman in Tigers. Streaming on ZEE5, this movie is based on the real-life incident which took place in Pakistan. Watch it below:

The incident became a talking point worldwide and was also highlighted by the WHO (World Health Organisation). Emraan plays the role of Syed Amir Raza Hussain who works as a salesman with an MNC. Syed was a salesman who promoted milk substitutes. He later found out that this substitute is leading to deaths of infants as the product is adulterated. After visiting Sialkot and knowing the hidden secrets of the MNC that he is working for, he decides to quit his job.

But he doesn’t end things here, after quitting, he also issues a legal notice to the company to stop the manufacturing of the products in his country. Attached with the legal notice were 80 pages of his notes which recorded prescribing doctors and the incentives they had received for pushing the baby formula. After receiving a legal notice, the superior who handled the area tried to threaten him as well as the doctors from Sialkot from where the infant dying report was generated. Further, Syed was also offered a bribe to close the matter but he did not give in.

He then flew to Europe to publish the detailed report with all the important information of the company including the unethical sales practices. While he was in Europe, his family went underground in fear of death threats. To get the reports a wider reach, he went to Canada. He applied to get qualified as a refugee, but they rejected the application saying Pakistan government can help him. Finally, in 2002 his efforts paid off after the Pakistan President green-lighted the Ordinance for Protection of Breastfeeding and Young Child Nutrition.

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