Dilli Darlings 1 October 2019 Finale Written Update: Shaloo Jindal Wins Dilli Darlings

In tonight's episode, Guddan from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, joins Sarla from yesterday's episode to announce the three winners of Dilli Darlings.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Shaloo Jindal

In the first part of the finale episode of Dilli Darlings, The Dilli Darlings open their final episode with a dance performance. Supriya Shukla aka Sarla from Kundali Bhagya, gives out the Bas Kar awards to the Dilli Darlings. Where Shaloo gets an award for her fashion sense. When everyone is asked who will win Dilli Darlings, everyone guesses Shalo Jindal. Guneet accuses the makers of giving too much attention to Shaloo on the show. Sarla then announces the first 2 names in the top five as Reena Mittal and Deepshika Lugani.

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In tonight’s episode, Sarla promises to reveal the three other names and the eventual winner of the show. Before that RJ Raunac gives out some more ‘Bas Kar’ Awards. For the ‘Vishesh Tippani’ award he plays clips of sarcastic comments made on the show. It includes a lot of comments from Guneet.

The one that causes a problem is when Rashmi made a comment about Manya’s defective eye. Manya’s husband says he was upset hearing Rashmi’s comment. Manya also explains her side but says that Rashmi has already apologised to her. Manya and Rashmi even hug out their differences.

Eventually Guneet wins the ‘Vishesh Tippani’ award and is very happy with it. The next special guest on the show is Kanika Mann aka Guddan from the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. She compliments the Dilli Darlings on their journey. RJ Raunac then announces that the Dilli Darlings will change into new outfits and do the ramp walk.

Still from Dilli Darlings with GuddanQ
Guddan joins Sarla to announce the winners of Dilli Darlings.

When the Dili Darlings walk out in the new all white outfits, RJ Raunac begins the elimination process. He announces that Sona, Pragati, Seema, Guneet andf Bhavna have been eliminated. Which means Pooja, Shaloo and Rashmi join Deepshika and Reena in the top 5.

RJ Raunac then announces Deepshika as the second runner-up or in third place. Guddan and Sarla give her a crown and bouquet. Pooja Dua wins the first runner-up. After much teasing RJ Raunan declares Shaloo Jindal wins the Dilli Darling 2019 title. Watch out for the next season of Dilli Darlings next year.

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