Dilli Darlings 16 September 2019 Written Update: Bhavana Wants To Become A Model

In tonight's episode, Bhavana makes Deepshikha feel confident about her body and tries to get in shape to model for her husband's brand.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Bhavana Singh

In the previous episode of Dilli Darlings, The flea market continues for the Dilli Darlings. RJ Raunac invites the Astitva band for a live performance first. Later, comedian Parvinder Singh entertained the ladies with his jokes about make-up, different types of Punjabis and rich people from North Delhi among other things. Pragati gives him money to show off because she is from North Delhi and later goes to take it back from him. RJ Raunac then announces that there will be audience voting to choose the best Dilli Darling, voting lines are open here.

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In tonight’s episode, Pragati goes to the temple with her daughter, Tamanah. She mentions that she asked a wish for her daughter to get married. This makes her daughter upset but they then distributed food to the needy as well. Bhavana starts Deepshikha’s makeover with three looks.

She asks Deepshikha if she is okay showing her midriff. Deepshikha says she is conscious about her stretch marks. Bhavana asks her to not feels ashamed about her marks and treat them like signs of a strong women. Rashmi invites Sona and Pragati to meet her to discuss about the event and the next kitty party she is announcing.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Rashmi and Sona
Rashmi and Sona plan to confront Manya at her kitty party.

Rashmi and Pragati are surprised at how Manya became close friends with Seema after bitching about her behind her back. Rashmi also says some of her friends at the event said that Seema and Manya were making fun of Reena and Rashmi for organising the event.

Rashmi decides to have a sarcastic shayari session at her kitty party to take digs at Manya. Pragati leaves to go shopping for her birthday. She walks for a while when her husband surprises her by renting a limousine to take her to a high-class restaurant. He books a suite with a swimming pool for her birthday which makes Pragati very happy.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Pragati
Pragati’s husband takes her in a limousine to celebrate her birthday.

Bhavana’s husband tells her that he is planning to start a new sportswear brand. Bhavana wants to model for it like she did once before too. Her husband says she is not in that shape anymore. Bhavana promises to get back in shape in 2 weeks and her husband promises to help her too by giving up oily and salty food himself too.

Bhavana goes the gym and the trainer tells her two weeks is too less time to get her old body. Bhavana sweats it out in the gym and by the end of it the trainer says she needs to work that hard for two weeks to get back in shape. Will Bhavana succeed in this challenge? Stay tuned to find out.

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