Exclusive: “The Script Of State Of Siege: 26/11 Grabs You,” Asserts Sid Makkar

"Initially, they had approached me to play one of the NSG men," reveals Sid who will be seen playing a news anchor in the upcoming web series.

Sid Makkar is known for his work in the Indian film, television and theatre circuit. Also seen on Zee TV shows like Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and Lajwanti, Sid is now set to play a news anchor in upcoming ZEE5 Original web series State of Siege: 26/11. The South Bombay boy was seen in attendance at the recently concluded ZEE5 January 2020 calendar launch event along with the cast of the digital drama. “A lot of media ‘stars’ were born during the 26/11 attacks,” he said while speaking about the series. Read edited excerpts from our exclusive conversation with him.

1. What is your role in State of Siege: 26/11?

Media was also blamed for giving out things like positions and all. It is interesting to see what transpired, what went behind the scenes. 26/11 attacks mark a big event in terms of the change we have seen even in the way media reports news. A few things even questioned the media’s ethics. So playing a media person was really interesting. It was nice, I enjoyed it.

2. So, how did you gather material for your role prep?

I watched every news anchor from 2008, every English speaking news anchor because that’s what I play. My character is a fictional character but I definitely drew inspiration not from one person but a lot of them. Initially, they had approached me to play one of the NSG men. Then they told me about this media person’s character. I read the script and I was like, you know what, I’d really like to play this part.

3. What different will we get to see in this series which the earlier projects haven’t covered?

I remember going to the Taj after the attacks, meeting a news anchor. I didn’t go for any other reason but because the attacks were so close to home. I haven’t watched any of the fictional content made earlier. But this script, I was like wow. I think it’d be really interesting because a lot of people have asked me why make another series on the 26/11 attacks, I kind of felt that too. However, the script grabs you. When you will watch the series, it just holds you.

4. What is your memory of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks?

I was at home when the attacks took place. I am a South Bombay boy, it was really close to home. I was at my residence in Colaba. I remember going down and telling our security guards to lock the gates and not let anyone inside. I remember the last gun shot when Kasab was arrested. In fact, I was at the Taj a couple of days before the attacks happened. I could have been there, it’s a strange feeling. Watching on news that a place where you stay has been attacked, it’s really strange.

5. You saw the coverage when the attacks happened. After being in the shoes of the media for this series, what is your takeaway?

My takeaway is that I am amazed how the same guys were reporting before the incident, during the incident and after the incident. It’s a whirl of a different, it’s amazing. It’s not good, fully sensationalized. It’s about the ratings, so they do anything and everything. They will get away with it because you have taken a stand before only no. The same guys who were reporting then do reporting very differently today.

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