Gaurav Chopraa On Actress Rashami Desai Entering A Reality Show: I Am A Little Concerned

"The concern comes out of the fact that I care for her. She is a sensitive and emotional person," says the Aghori actor in an exclusive chat.

Gaurav Chopraa and Rashami Desai

Gaurav Chopraa and Simaran Kaur-starrer finite series Aghori recently went off the air. The Zee TV show was a supernatural thriller which revolved around the love story of a young Aghori Advik who is assigned the task of killing Kamakashi, a girl born with special powers. Recently, we caught up with Gaurav for an exclusive conversation during which he touched upon his former co-star Rashami Desai entering a reality show. Expressing his concern, he revealed that the popular television actress is a sensitive but strong person.

Asked about his thoughts on Rashami being a part of a reality show he has already been on, Gaurav replied, “Rashami going into the show, I am a little concerned. The concern comes out of the fact that I care for her. She is a sensitive and emotional person. It is a difficult situation to deal with, I was there myself so I know. She is also a very strong person. I think the stronger side will come forth. Let’s see how she deals with the circumstances. She and I have been part of a show which is still going on in several countries. People still talk about it. So the connect was never really gone. We still feel very warm. She still calls me Mr. Rathod when we meet. So my concern is very genuine for her, I really hope she stays stronger and for longer on the show. Her winning would be a great situation for her and everybody who wishes well for her.”

When quizzed if he’d be open to doing more reality shows in the future, he answered, “Nothing is no. If something comes and it sounds exciting, I will do it. Life has a way of surprising you. You can talk to people and say, I am this sort of person and you become friends. Six months down the line, the person turns out to be someone else. You have been surprised so many times that the best way to go about this is to listen to it, understand it, react instinctively. If even at the moment, you feel excited about it, go ahead.”

Well, just like Gaurav we wish Rashami a great inning on the reality show! What are your thoughts about Gaurav’s views on her participation? Let us know in the comments box below.

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