Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 05 March 2020 Preview: Saraswati Blackmails Kunal

In the next episode, Saraswati calls the media to expose Guddan. The reporters tell Guddan to get engaged with Kunal. What will happen next?


In tonight’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, AJ tries cooking but remembers Guddan and burns the food. Saraswati creates a scene in front of AJ and decides to reveal Guddan’s plan. Durga sees Saraswati coming out of the kitchen and keeps an eye on her.

Elsewhere, Guddan wants to make AJ confess his love for her. She tells Kunal to put on an act and propose marriage to her. As Kunal is about to put the engagement ring on Guddan’s finger, AJ gets jealous and stops them. He yells at Guddan. He tells her to accompany him and tries to convince her that she cannot get engaged to Kunal. He says that he loves her but is leaving her for her own good. Guddan says that she should get married to AJ as he can love her the way she wants.

Saraswati gives a bag full of money to Kunal and tells him to marry Guddan for real. Guddan gets ready for the engagement. AJ gets upset seeing her decked up.

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In the next episode, Saraswati calls the media. The reporters tell Guddan to get engaged to the love of her life, which makes her anxious. Will AJ confess his feelings for her? Will he stop Guddan’s engagement? What will happen next?

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