Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17 February 2020 Preview: Guddan Comes Back To Jindal Bhavan

In the next episode, Guddan listens to AJ's plight from Daadi and promises to make everything alright. The whole Jindal family comes to eat together!

Guddan 17 Feb Pr

In tonight’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan extends her hand of friendship towards the orphanage kids, but they get scared and run away. To bring them back, Guddan cries, does some funny mimicry and wears a joker’s colourful wig. The kids then reveal to her that this is AJ’s NGO and he takes care of them very well.

They start playing the blindfold game when Guddan bumps into AJ. Taking her blindfold off, both of them share a banter. On the other side, Guddan’s father is furious to hear that AJ kidnapped her. But Guddan and AJ enjoy their time together by playing the whisper challenge with headphones.

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In the next episode, Daadi expresses her sorrow to Guddan by saying that Jindal Bhavan has not only forgotten to laugh or play together but also to eat together as a family. Guddan promises Daadi that she will make everything alright now as she has come back. Later, everyone from the Jindal family, along with Guddan and Revati, sit together for dinner. How did Guddan manage bring this change?

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