Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19 March 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Guddan-AJ Go To Goa

The Jindal family is off to Goa for Holi with Durga's brother Rocky who is not as good as he seems. While, Parv's plan to fool Revathi backfires.

Guddan and the family in goa

In last night’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, we saw Guddan standing up for Angad against her family to ensure that he stays with the family and not at a mental institution. Thus, foiling Saraswati’s attempt of making Angad seem violent. Meanwhile, Parv tries to lure Revati by writing her a love letter in fake blood which Revati’s stepmother helps him with. AJ and Guddan are divided on how to deal with Angad and his condition. The family meanwhile is doubtful about travelling with Angad for Holi to Goa.

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In tonight’s episode, the whole Jindal family travels to Goa to meet Durga’s brother Rocky. who welcomes them all but specifically speaks to Lakshmi when the others are not around calling her his favourite bhabhi and forcing her to play Holi with her.

A still of Lakshmi and Rocky
Lakshmi tries to avoid Rocky

Guddan who is seeing all this from afar asks Lakshmi what is the matter between her and Rocky. Lakshmi then tells her the truth about Rocky and how he gets too close to her comfort every Holi and she never spoke about this earlier because she didn’t want to destroy any family relations. She forbids Guddan from telling anyone or doing anything about it.

A still of Guddan and Lakshmi
Guddan confronts Lakshmi about Rocky

AJ and Angad are taking a walk along the beach and talking, when Guddan joins them and sees people riding the jet-ski. She says that she wants to do that as well but she’s scared. Angad suggest that she should go with AJ but seeing AJ’s stern face Guddan decides to give up the idea. After Angad keeps insisting AJ gives in and decides to go on the jet-ski with a nervous Guddan.

Still of Guddan Angad and AJ
Angad convinces Guddan to ride the jetski

Meanwhile a doctor is called to check on Parv as a part of his fake suicide plan to get Revathi to fall in love with him again. He tries to appeal to her emotionally saying that he is being tortured by Siddhi and uses Revathi’s stepmother to convince her too, but instead Revathi hands him the same knife saying even if he kills himself it wouldn’t affect her. She also threatens to call the police if he keeps contacting her.

A still of Revathi and Parv
Revathi tells Parv to stop bothering her

Guddan gets over her nervousness and with AJ in front of her she begins to relax and enjoy the ride. On the way back to the shore she hurts her foot and starts bleeding when AJ tears part of his shirt to cover her wound. Guddan notices Durga watching this from afar and walks to her to tell her that the AJ may have broker her mangalsutra but he is still fulfilling it’s main duty of caring for his wife.

A still of Guddan with Mangalsutra bead
Guddan proves to Durga that AJ cares for her

There are still 2 days for Holi and there are 2 more beads for Guddan to add and complete her mangalsutra again. Will she be able to complete her promise to Durga and prove her wrong? Stay tuned for regular updates.

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