Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27 January Preview: Guddan Smashes Cake On AJ’s Face

In the next episode, AJ comes face to face with Guddan only to have cake smeared on his face, just like it had happened in the past.

Guddan as Judge

In tonight’s episode, Guddan lands in Indore and have memories of AJ from the past, when her sister persuades her to dance in a baraat passing by, but covering her face so nobody recognizes her. On the other side, AJ roams the same streets, drunk and joins the procession too. Both start dancing with their backs to each other and immediately sense the closeness.

Guddan goes home and her parents welcome her with joy. Meanwhile, Daadi is worried for AJ because an article about his restaurant’s downfall is published in the newspaper, which also has Guddan’s news. AJ shows up highly drunk and burns the paper. Guddan answers her father that she has forgotten that house and would never go there!

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In the next episode, Guddan turns out to be the judge of a competition. When coming face to face after four years of separation, Guddan smears cake on AJ’s face and he goes back to old memories with her. How will AJ react?

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