Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3 October 2019 Written Update: Revathi Calls Saraswati For Help?

In tonight's episode, The entire family goes against Revathi after finding out her true side. However Revathi finds help from Saraswati in USA.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega with Revathi

In the previous episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, AJ steals a gun from the inspector and goes to stop Guddan. He reaches the hospital and finds Revathi going to the room when Guddan is pretending to Antara. He stops Revathi from leaving the room and is shocked to find it’s actually Guddan dressed as Revathi. When Guddan realises Revathi is behind all the attacks on her, Guddan is shocked. At home Revathi also admits that she not only shot Guddan the first time but had tried to kill her many times since then.

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In tonight’s episode, Revathi’s parents slap her for saying Guddan is her adopted sister. Revathi says a real sister would not let Angad die. Even her parents take Guddan’s side, which makes Revathi even more upset. She taunts Guddan for even turning her parents against her.

The police show up to arrest Revathi after hearing her confession. They say this was Guddan’s plan to catch the culprit. However, Guddan now says she doesn’t want to arrest Revathi. When the police leave, Guddan takes a gun and gives it to Revathi. She asks Revathi to shoot her but Revathi is unable to and throws the gun away.

Revathi says she won’t kill Guddan so easily. Guddan goes to her room and cries. She thanks AJ for helping protect Revathi even if it sent him to jail. Parv sees Revathi angry in the room and decides to take control of her life. He promises to protect Revathi and help her ruin their common enemy, Guddan’s life.

Guddan’s parents apologise to AJ for Revathi’s behavior. They want to take Revathi away but Guddan says Revathi will stay with her and she will help her improve. Revathi calls up Saraswati bahu in the US. She tells Revathi that Antara gave her a secret that will ruin Guddan’s life. What secret does Saraswati know? Stay tuned to find out.

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