Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Maha Episode Recap: Parv’s Return Forces Guddan To Kill AJ?

In tonight's episode, Parv returns to haunt the Jindal family as he forces Guddan to shoot AJ in front of the entire family.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Maha Episode

In the previous episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, AJ tries to tell Antara that he has changed. Antara believes that AJ still loves Antara but she is ready to wait till he becomes his old self. AJ tells Guddan. Durga instigates Antars into seeing Guddan’s palmprints on the wall next to hers. AJ tells Antara that Guddan’s palmprints are next to her because Guddan is his wife. Daadi says AJ was ready to get married because Antara mentioned it in her letters.

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In the next episode, Antara locks herself in the room while the family tries to call her out. Guddan sees smoke coming out of Antara’s room. AJ breaks open the door to find Antara burning her own portrait in the bedroom. Antara tells AJ that she accepts his marriage with Guddan.

Antara also says that she will help AJ and Guddan get engaged since she stopped their engagement. Durga and Saraswati are upset with Antara going to Guddan’s side. Saraswati complains about this to Parv who decides to break out of jail to ruin Guddan and AJ’s marriage even if it is the last thing he does.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Maha Episode with Guddan
Antara approves of AJ and Guddan’s relationship and offers to get them married.

Parv fakes an injury an escapes the jail. He disguises himself as a flower vendor and enters the Jindal Bhavan. Guddan get suspicious seeing the flower vendor. Saraswati recognises her brother and gets worried. Guddan refuses to tell AJ her fears about the flower vendor at first. She decides to confirm if the flower vendor is Parv.

She follows the flower vendor into a room and takes off his beard to find out he is Parv. Instead of being afraid of being caught Parv laughs. He tells Guddan that he returned to make her shoot AJ. Guddan takes the gun and decides to shoot Parv but he stops her. He tells Guddan that he kidnapped her father to kill him if Guddan fails.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Maha Episode with Parv
Guddan decides to shoot Parv when he asks her to shoot AJ.

Guddan tries to call up her mother and warn her but Parv catches her and stops her from doing so. Guddan tries to hide from AJ so she doesn’t see him and thus won’t get a chance to shoot him. AJ goes looking for Guddan and finds her in the storeroom hiding in a box. Guddan tells AJ she doesn’t want to get married to him to make him leave.

When AJ leaves the room, Parv scolds Guddan for not shooting AJ when she had the chance. He asks her to shoot AJ in front of the entire family or he will kill her father. Guddan walks downstairs with a gun which shocks everyone. She stands in front of AJ and shoots him at point blank range. AJ drops dead as the family rush by his side.

Still from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Maha Episode with AJ
When AJ finds Guddan she tells him that she wants to call off the engagement.

The entire family blames Guddan as Parv reveals himself as the real mastermind. He tells Guddan that he will fulfill his promise. He asks his men to let Guddan’s father go free. As soon as he frees Guddan’s father, Parv is punched. AJ stands in front of Parv unhurt as Guddan promises to punish Parv for what he did.

How did Guddan ruin Parv’s plan and save AJ as well as her father? Watch next week’s episodes to find out. Stream the mahaepisode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega on ZEE5. For Premium subscribers the mahapepisode is already available on ZEE5, before telecast.