Hamari Bahu Silk Recap: Paakhi’s Job On The Line, Natasha Is Attacked By A Mob

In the next episode of Hamari Bahu Silk, Paakhi's job is on the line after Natasha catches her lies, but Natasha gets attacked by a mob too.

Still from Hamari Bahu Silk with Paakhi and Natasha

Hamari Bahu Silk is just over ten episodes in and is packed with entertainment already. Naksh has pictures showing Paakhi with Natasha, an adult film star. Paakhi sets out to delete those pictures before Naksh shows it to his family. Paakhi tries to save her reputation so that she and her mother are not kicked out of her rented home with Nakhsh’s baa.

Meanwhile, Paakhi is acting as Natasha’s personal assistant, and her main goal is to find the magical voice that will help Natasha’s career. Paakhi doesn’t want Natasha to know that the magical voice she is searching for is Paakhi’s RJ audition tape.

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Natasha is frustrated with film directors not taking her seriously just because of her voice. She gives Prachi a deadline to find out who is the girl with the good voice. Paakhi finds another girl who agrees to go meet Natasha as the girl she is looking for. Paakhi brings out the other girl claiming she is one who’s voice Natasha loved.

Still from Hamari Bahu Silk with Paakhi and the fake voice artist
Paakhi takes a fake voice artist to meet Natasha as the magical voice.

But her plan backfires and Natashs finds out that Paakhi is lying to her. While Paakhi is trying to hold on to her job, a mob on women break into Natasha’s house. They chant slogans asking Natasha to stop making vulgar movies. They even threaten to put black paint on Natasha’s face.

Will Paakhi protect Natasha or will she escape to save herself from being caught with Natasha again? To find out, watch the next episodes of Hamari Bahu Silk, also streaming on ZEE5.