Here Are Our 5 Theories On What To Expect From The New Guddan After The 4-Year Leap!

The new Guddan is stronger, bolder & looks more gorgeous in her new avatar.Here’s how she can rewrite the rules of relationship in #AkshAnKiNayiKahani

Guddan New

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega,  a popular show on Zee TV has taken recently taken a leap of 4 years. A lot has changed and none of the characters remained unaffected by it. If someone has undergone the biggest change, it is Guddan herself. She went to Mumbai from the small town of Indore and made a mark in the Bollywood industry. She has her debut film out, titlte ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’. With this, she has become the talk-of-the-town after returning to Indore for her film promotions. AJ and the Jindal house is also experiences a whirlpool of emotions owing to Guddan’s comeback. Well, below are 5 theories that we have come up with to expect from Guddan in her new avatar –

1. Guddan should ask AJ to apologize.

Guddan and AJ fight

Yes! AJ needs to apologize to Guddan. She should put her foot down and ask him to “sorry”. After accusing her for the crime she never committed, Guddan stayed strong and tried to expose the truth. She kept saying that she didn’t abort the unborn child because she was never pregnant. But AJ repeatedly insulted her. Now that she has arrived, she should demand an apology from AJ.

2. Guddan should go back to Jindal Bhavan for Daadi.

Guddan and Daadi

Daadi has prayed a lot for Guddan’s return. When she was the judge at the ‘Super Chef’ competition, Daadi urged her to come back to Jindal Bhavan to restore love and happiness in everyone’s life. Guddan should go back only for Daadi because she is her only ray of hope amidst Saraswati’s cruelty.

3. Guddan will be more mature and careful.

Guddan Interview


Unlike the earlier Guddan, this new Guddan, turned into a strong and famous personality, will be more careful and mature. Keeping her child-like innocence intact, she will be making wiser decisions. She will think before she speaks at interviews and press events,

4. Guddan should focus on her acting career.

Guddan Bollywood Actress

Guddan kept her promise and made her own name bigger than that of Jindal. She should focus on her career and work hard to reach greater heights from the place she has already achieved. Her journey from Indore to Mumbai wasn’t easy at all!

5. Guddan will not get carried away by the glitz and glamour.

Guddan Actress

After getting a Bollywood break, one tends to swell their head with pride. But, Guddan is not like any other girl. She knows her roots and needs to stay grounded. She will not get carried away by the limelight that the Bollywood industry is offering her. Guddan is still the young Indore girl from within.

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