Here’s All You Need To Know About The 4-Year Leap In Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

Guddan has become an actress and AJ has turned into an alcoholic, find out what else has happened on the show after Guddan-AJ's marriage fell apart.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Four year leap

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega started in 2018 on Zee TV and is almost completing 400 episodes. The show stars Kanika Mann as Guddan and Nishant Singh Malkani as Akshat Jindal (AJ) in the lead roles. A recent twist that happened on the show is, after a year of Guddan and AJ’s marriage, they broke up. Guddan walked out of Jindal Bhavan and left Indore to make her own name, bigger than that of AJ. She keeps her self-respect and promises to come out triumphant.

The episode on 24th January 2020 showed a leap, directly 4 years later. Every character has undergone a change in themselves due to Guddan’s distance from their lives. Check out how it has affected them –

1. Guddan becomes a famous actress.

Guddan was a small-town girl who used to roam the streets of Indore. Akshat Jindal, who owns a restaurant business, got married to her and brought her home. She became a mother-in-law at 20 years of age.

Guddan Actress

After 4 years now, she made a comeback as a famous actress, with her debut Bollywood film titled Tumse Na Ho Payega. She becomes that talk-of-the-town when she returns to Indore for her film promotions. She is surrounded by media, does interviews and is also invited to judge a cooking contest. Guddan’s life has drastically changed after the metamorphosis.

2. Akshat Jindal, aka AJ, turns into an alcoholic.

AJ loved Guddan from the bottom of his heart. The previous episodes show their moments of romance and joy. But, after the horrific misunderstanding of Guddan aborting their unborn child, AJ cannot even stand Guddan’s sight. He gets married to Antara to punish Guddan for her deeds and throws her out of his life.

Alcoholic AJ

Akshat starts drinking all the time and becomes an alcoholic. His restaurant business goes into losses after beating up a food inspector that had come to evaluate his restaurant. Daadi is worried about his alcoholism and his anger. AJ blames Guddan for his condition.

3. Antara Jindal is nowhere to be seen.

AJ had married Antara after she convinced him into believing the false news that Guddan aborted their child. Everyone in the Jindal Bhavan hated Antara for this very reason. But AJ privately revealed to Antara that he married her only to punish Guddan and asked her to divorce him.

Antara from Guddan

After the four years leap,  Antara is missing from Jindal Bhavan. Seems like she has vanished with the wind. After getting married to AJ, she had signed some of his property papers to have her share in the family wealth. But now, nobody knows about her whereabouts.

4. Saraswati is the new Antara!

The Jindal Bhavan is a huge palace and Antara was always greedy for it. After four years, she has transferred the power of attorney to Saraswati. Addressed as Saru by Durga and Laxmi, she troubles and insults everyone, including Daadi.

Saraswati from Guddan

In the pride of having the tijori ki chaabi, she exercises her undeserved power over her family with absolute cruelty. She is the controller of the house, pays bills and is a shareholder of AJ’s restaurant. But she does not respect anyone and is close to her own downfall after Guddan’s return.

5. Revati becomes Guddan’s manager.

As Guddan became a famous Bollywood actress, her sister, Revati is her new manager now. She was also a small-town girl from Indore like Guddan. Both of them have made a mark in the film industry after 4 years of being in Mumbai.

Revti from Guddan

Revati supports Guddan in her acting career and motivates her by reminding how far she has come. She even convinces Guddan to go back to Indore for her film commitments Revati, wants to see Guddan happy and helps her meet her old self by dancing freely in a baaraat on the streets.

Stay tuned for further interesting happenings on the show. Watch all episodes of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega on ZEE5 shows.