“I Don’t Understand Auditions,” Aahana Kumra Reveals On Bubble Baat

Last seen in the ZEE5 Original web series Bombers, Aahana recently made some startling revelations about herself on Gunjan Utreja's show Bubble Baat.

Aahana Kumra photoshoot

Aahana Kumra is an Indian feature film, TV, web and theatre actress who started out with some poignant roles in the industry but went on to be a part of some huge critical and commercial hits. Born and brought up in Lucknow, she had an inclination towards acting since childhood when she began theatre roles. Last seen in the ZEE5 Original web series Bombers, Aahana recently made some startling revelations about herself on Bubble Baat, a show by the same OTT platform.

Here are the top five things Aahana spoke about in a conversation with host Gunjan Utreja.

1. Archana Kumar is my official name 

Aahana revealed how people get her name wrong all the time! The actress is often called Archana and even her last name Kumra is assumed to be Kumar. She jokes that people assume it would be a typo or written incorrectly.

2. Aahana gets nervous during auditions

When asked to flush out three things from her life, Aahana firstly mentioned exams, “I hated exams,” asserts The Accidental Prime Minister star. “Mujhe aesa lagta hai actors ko audition nahi dena chahiye,” Aahana says statings he wants to flush out auditions. “Mujhe lagta hai saare actors ko theatre karna chahiye aur saare casting directors, writers ko unki plays dekhiye aur choose kijiye. I get really nervous about auditions,” she adds.

Lastly, the actress doesn’t want to spend on travel and visa. She even revealed that Sweden once rejected her visa and till date she doesn’t know why!

3. Aahana reveals the advice she got from Nasseruddin Shah

Sir always says two things to every actor: 1. Always be loud and clear. 2. Never bump into the furniture. She believes the second one applies to her strongly for she has broken a lot of things while shooting.

4. Aahana loves her height and wants a paw tattoo

Aahana was quizzed to name one physical feature of hers she loves and “my height” came her instant reply. Furthermore, she revealed that she wants to get her cat’s paw inked.

5. My biography would be called – Gappudi

Aahana thinks that there isn’t much to make a biography about but nonetheless if there is, it’d be called Gappudi. However, she feels that trend died with our parents’ generation.

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In the meantime, catch the actress in ZEE5 Original crime series Rangbaaz here.