International Yoga Day: 5 Easy-To-Do Stretches To Stay In Shape Like Actress Rubina Dilaik

This International Yoga Day, pledge to get a 'fit-astic' figure like Rubina Dilaik with these five easy yoga stretches that you can do at home.

5 Easy-To-Do Yoga Stretches To Stay In Shape Like Rubina Dilaik

Envying actors and actresses for their svelte figure is easy. The difficult part is when it comes to keeping up with their fitness regime. Thanks to cheating on meals and laziness to skip the gym. If you too are one of those who has been failing to consume all things nutritious and healthy, fret not. A quick scroll through Punar Vivaah – Ek Nayi Umeed  actress Rubina Dilaik’s Instagram page results in gallons of guilt. Also, you can thereafter conclude that she certainly has one of the fantastic bodies in the industry. The chiselled abs and lean frame can make any heart skip a beat.

For those doubting, no, body shaming is not in our dictionary. Everyone is blessed with the best physique but at the same time, it is our duty to keep it fit as a fiddle and stay away from junk habits. Besides, exercise is the easy route to dreamland. Daily stress and exertion can take a toll on our mental and physical shape, and this is where we suggest you 5 easy-to-do exercises that are a part of Rubina’s routine. They are not only basic and simple but also extremely comfortable to practice at your home. Check them out:

(P.S. Consult a doctor before practising these exercises.)

1.    Vriksasana

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Focus on rebuilding your self-relationship

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30 to 60 seconds of balancing can reveal how challenging standing on your one leg can be. Combine the Anjali Mudra or Namaste with this position. The Mudra usually is said to combine energies of your both the sides of the brain by joining hands.

Ideal for: Vertebral column, Thigh, Calf, Ankle

2.    Sarvangasana

The ‘queen’ or the ‘mother’ of all asanas, this one is for your upper body. Tired of sitting in your office chair for hours or want to relax your shoulders of all the tension and weight they carry? Balance both your legs with the help of your hands, with shoulders rested against the floor.

Ideal For: Neck and Shoulder

3.    Janusirsasana

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The best way to tackle stress ….

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The commonly practised is the head-to-knee forward bend. It helps in bringing about flexibility in your otherwise stiff parts, especially the back. Watch this video to check out how Rubina does it.

Ideal For: Back

4.     Virabhadrasana I

The warrior pose! Stretching your arms and legs helps in increasing concentration and also helps in balancing your body weight

Ideal For: Legs, Hips, Chest

5.    Sirsasana

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I have my days of feeling low, uninspired and dejected……. I react to situations, I act unreasonable and yes I accept it all Coz I allow every single emotion to flow ….. I understand that it’s equally important to acknowledge negative emotions as to encourage positive responses….. my days of extreme stress leave me in depression as mentally and physically I am drained out….. and especially during these trying times I want to give up on everything……. but now I have slowly started recognising such gloomy days and my change in behaviour in such times, now I immediately catch myself if I am begrudging and whining…… my solution to all this is YOGA…. it may sound cliche, but it is the truth… I literally push myself …… I give excuses to myself…. but I bounce back…… Whenever I am restless, I determine to meditate…. whenever I am in confusion I focus on Pranayama…….. whenever I am lazy I force myself to do Asanas…. self discipline is Self Love ! I request all my readers to pay attention to the depression that we all tend to ignore (or dnt find appropriate to talk about) it may not be pronounced but it may settle in without informing….. the moment you stop enjoying what u used to love doing, the time you feel unmotivated, and anxiety takes over…. it’s time for a self check …..

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This one seems the most difficult of all and requires supervision of an expert as well. But as complex, as it seems, it teaches increases your focus power, balance and also keeps you in shape.

Ideal For: Vertebral column, Lung, Leg, Arm

Do practice Rubina’s approach to a healthy lifestyle. Find time for yourself and lead a happy life. Share your comments in thoughts with us! Stay tuned for more updates about the actress.

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