Ishq Aaj Kal Season 4 Review: A Mystery That Only Gets Deeper

Read our review of Ishq Aaj Kal season four starring Ankitta Sharma, Paras Kalnawat, Kavita Ghai, Puneett Chouksey and others, here.

Ishq Aaj Kal season 4

Ishq Aaj Kal season 4 is now streaming on ZEE5! The web series is a suspense thriller and a digital spin-off of Zee TV show Ishq Subhan Allah. Four seasons into the edge-of-seat watch, the mystery only gets deeper in the new eight episodes of the show. The first season kicked off with Ankitta Sharma‘s Aaliya Jaffri stepping out in a quest to find the truth about her dead mother and imprisoned father Imran. Angad Hasija, Paras Kalnawat, and Puneett Chouksey play the lead characters Arshad Ali Khan, Faraaz Sheikh and Ejaz respectively. Season three of Ishq Aaj Kal ended with Arshad’s death.

Season 4 begins with a car being found with a dead Arshad inside it. A distraught Aaliya and Ejaz, Arshad’s brother, vow to find the murderer. The needle of suspicion falls on Faraaz and he gets arrested. However, the case is not as simple as it seems! Javed is up to something while Imran warns Aaliya. Meanwhile, Amaira and Aaliya discover a shocking truth about themselves. The high-on-suspense climax shows Aaliya, Faraaz, Ejaz, Imran, and Javed all pointing guns at each other and the lights go off. The characters only get all the more entangled in the circle of lies and deceit as they all are suspects now.

We really are running out of adjectives to describe Ankitta Sharma’s stunning stint as Aaliya Jaffri. Right from scene one of season one, this girl has captivated us and caught the fancy of viewers. Ankitta has in fact made herself synonymous with Aaliya. Sadly, Angad Hasija’s character is shown dead and thus, we didn’t have much of him in this new season. However, we’d have loved to see how the love story unfolds between Aaliya and Arshad. As for Puneet Chouksey, we are totally digging the transformation – from almost hating him, we have come to adore him! His mannerisms, arrogance and a razor-sharp mind put him in a different league altogether.

Paras Kalnawat goes from strength to strength in playing Faraaz Sheikh. He very aptly aces the curves where his character shows hints of grey but swings back to the bright side. Paras’ gait and gaze is something that adds weight to his fine chops, this doe-eyed boy shines through and through! If Rajesh Khera as Javed is the surprise of the season, Kavita Ghai as Naaz Khan sweeps in to steal the thunder from time to time.

Ishq Aaj Kal uses minimal aesthetics to its advantage as the storyline depends heavily on its characters and actors alone. With such a stellar cast, we don’t think there is anything to worry about! Season three seemed a bit predictable but season four, man, you have been warned, you might bite your nails through.

At the end of it, all we can say is, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! 

Tune in now and start streaming Ishq Aaj Kal season 4. Tell us what you think of the series in the comments box below.

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