Ishq Subhan Allah: Adnan Khan Does One-Hand Push-Ups, Trips Over Spicy Food In Indonesia

Ishq Subhan Allah stars Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh recently met with their fans in Indonesia. Check out all the pictures and videos from their trip.

Adnan Khan, Eisha Singh in Indonesia

Ishq Subhan Allah actors Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh are currently in Indonesia, meeting up with their die-hard fans. The stars who are seen as the lead romantic couple Kabeer and Zara on the Zee TV show have become a household name not just in India, but across the world owing to their popularity and performance. Pictures and videos from their visit to Indonesia are going viral on the internet as we speak. Indonesian fans of the celebrities greeted them to a warm welcome from the time Adnan and Eisha landed in their country. Besides, they even gifted them and showed their love with tokens of appreciation.

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In one of the videos shared on Instagram by a fan club, Adnan is seen doing push-ups, with one hand only and that too in traditional wear. He is seen in his Kabeer Ahmed avatar while his reel wife Eisha aka Zara cheers him on. Adnan is competing with a fan while the anchor encourages them both to put up a good fight. But our ‘Addy’ here is a regular with his workouts and maintains a chiseled physique. Of course, he beat the fan in the challenge! Watch the fun video here:

In a series of Instagram stories shared by Eisha, we see Adnan going crazy after eating a spicy Indonesian dish. As Eisha laughs on, Adnan is tripping out after trying a relatively spicy Indonesian cuisine. He even points out that his mother is trying the dish and will react the same way he did after she is done eating it.

We get a glimpse of Adnan and Eisha’s cute camaraderie in another video as the actor calls his co-actress the ‘most gorgeous person on Earth.’ A dumbfound Eisha thanks him for the compliment and smiles, shockingly.

Here, sample more pictures and videos from their visit:

Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh from Ishq Subhan Allah in Indonesia
(Source: Instagram)
Eisha Singh from Ishq Subhan Allah in Indonesia
(Source: Instagram)

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You can now watch Ishq Aaj Kal, a spin-off of Ishq Subhan Allah, now streaming on ZEE5.