Ishq Subhan Allah Completes 500 Episodes: Shahbaz Admits To Killing Zara

As Ishq Subhan Allah completes 500 episodes, Kabeer gets his father, Shahbaz, to confess that he was the one who killed Zara.

Still from Ishq Subhan Allah With Kabeer Ahmed and Zara

On Ishq Subhan Allah, the marriage between Kabeer (Adnan Khan) and Zara (Eisha Singh) was the highlight of the show. Kabeer, along with all the fans, was left heartbroken when Zara was shot dead. Kabeer spends a year as a depressed bomb disposal expert with a death wish. His life begins to turn around when he meets another girl, Zara (Tunisha Sharma). She helps him come back to his old self and even guide him to find out about Zara’s killers. As Ishq Subhan Allah completes 500 episodes, Kabeer finally gets the justice he wants for Zara.

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In this episode, Shahbaz was sneaked out of the house to a special location prepared by Kabeer. Shahbaz finds himself as if he is about to be burnt by fire if he doesn’t confess that he killed Zara. Shahbaz hears Zara’s voice and thinks he is being haunted by Zara’s ghost and becomes unconscious. Kabeer and Zara sneak Shahbaz back in the house without being noticed.

Rukhsar finds Shahbaz unconscious and thinks he is dead. She tells Zeenat that Zara will kill them too. Shahbaz wakes up and mentions that Zara tried to attack him. The priests think Shahbaz is being haunted and asks the family to throw shoes at him to send the ghost away. Shahbaz runs out of his own house. His car breaks down near the cemetery where Zara was buried.

Shahbaz is convinced that he is being haunted by Zara and decides to go to her grave and beg for mercy. While Shahbaz confesses his crimes Kabeer, Zara and the dead Zara’s entire family records his confession. How will Kabeer punish his own father? Watch tonight’s episode on ZEE5 before TV for premium users and find out.

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