Jamai 2.0: 7 Stunning Photos Of Nia Sharma Which Show Her Eyeliner Game is Always On Fleek

Depending on the style and design, an eyeliner can amp up any look. So when in doubt or not, let the Jamai Raja star teach you how to ace the game!

Nia Sharma's eyeliner game.

It is said that eyes are a window to your soul. One can speak a thousand words and express a range of emotions without using words, through a pair of these organs. And with the help of makeup, you can transform your look altogether. Add a dash of kohl or wing your liner and see the magic! It almost becomes a part of your identity as if a body part. Speaking of the liner, Jamai Raja actress Nia Sharma aka fashion goddess of the small screen industry has often experimented with her eyeliner.

An example of her unmatched makeup skills is in this performance with actor Ravi Dubey during Zee Rishtey Awards 2015. Watch at 1:20 for a beautiful surprise:

And Nia’s Instagram album is proof she always keeps it on fleek. Depending on the style and design, an eyeliner can amp up any ensemble to heights of glory. When in doubt or not, here, check out these seven pictures of the starlet which provide testimony to that fact that there is no makeup essential like an eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner

“I wing it sharper than your knife,” says the telly town actress. Let your eyes do the talking!

Cat Style Eyeliner

Thicker than a winged liner, cat eyeliner is known to emphasize on the eyes. Your eyes are the cynosure of attention in the room and can bring much drama to an otherwise simple outfit.

Short Flick Eyeliner

As the name suggests, this popular style is one of the most staple looks and has been sported by various other actresses in the past.

Shimmery and Glittery Eyeliner

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Shimmer is the new entrant on the block! Steer clear from your basic liner game and give it the boost of freshness with a dash of glitter on your eyelids. They are usually used in combination with a plain black one

Colourful Eyeliner

Because black can sometimes be too boring with every couture? Stun in a play of palette and be runway ready always!

Wing Tip Eyeliner

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I wing it sharper than your knife 🍴Thank you.

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Skip the lids and go for the corners, then apply a thin but crisp line to intensify your upper lids.

Neat and Classic

The most commonly applied one, a simple stroke of black liner to save the day!

Big, small, droopy – whatever be your eye shape, you will never have a dull moment with eyeliner on the lids. Besides, they can be used with both western and ethnic wear thus, win-win! And lastly, make an impression they will never forget with your on-point liner.

Have you tried any of these eyeliner styles before? Comment and share your thoughts.

Stay tuned for more interesting fashion tips and tidbits about Nia Sharma.

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