Just 5 Photos Of Shabir Ahluwalia – Kanchi Kaul That Will Make You Squeal With Happiness

The Kumkum Bhagya actor and his wife been the pioneering way for #BaeGoals since 2011, the same year they made us all go green with envy.

shabir ahluwalia kanchi kaul relationship goals

Love is love. And there is nothing more beautiful than a couple in love. While it’s true that in the show business, the love department juices out the maximum gossip, but it is also replete with marriages and celebrity pairs that make us go ‘they are so perfect.’ Some of them have been doling out #RelationshipGoals and setting the bar high for years now as their romance passes every test of time. But Kumkum Bhagya’s  Abhi played by actor Shabir Ahluwalia and wife Kanchi Kaul’s marriage will go down in the history of A-list couples as totes adorbs.

Albeit the two grabbed eyeballs only after they tied the knot after a long courtship in 2011, these pretty things make us stalk their Instagram handles for hours. Blame their mushy love that almost makes us feel inferior. Their album has been the pioneering way for #BaeGoals since 2011, the same year they made us all go green with envy. They became an even more beautiful couple with the addition of their gorgeous sons, Azai and Ivarr.

And while we are already squealing with happiness, here, sample these 10 perfect pictures to overwhelm thy soul

Shabir is obviously so much in love with Kanchi that he cannot take his eyes off her. If only we could find a man who looks at us the way Shabir looks at Kanchi!

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The cutest of the cute, the hottest of the hot!

Hot damn! It hurts to look at these beauty bullets.

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You will often spot Kanchi and Shabir gushing about each other. And if that is not the cutest thing ever in this universe, we don’t know what is? You can all go home. We have Shabir and Kanchi to show true love does exist.

The compass to her needle! Only we could be half as cool as the Ahluwalia power jodi. Where do we sign to declare mornings should only begin with a kiss from your significant other?

Two words: Enviable Genes. Guess what? The phrase ‘calm in chaos’ was coined after them. Through sickness and in health, for better or worse – Shabir and Kanchi are giving us life.

Their family pictures vs. ours. No points for guessing who wins!

A love so genuine has a smile plastered to our mere mortals’ faces. In between these pictures is tugged in the secret to a happy, successful marriage! We hope you are taking notes.

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