Karan Kundra Wants To Marry Ex-GF Kritika Kamra, Here’s What Anusha Dandekar Has To Say

Karan and Anusha were the second set of guests on ZEE5 show A Table for Two. Anusha spoke about how Karan's fans hate her for dating him.

Kritika Kamra, Karan Kundra, Anusha Dandekar

Lovebirds Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar were the latest pair on Ira Dubey’s chat show A Table for Two. The ZEE5 series hosts the best of Indian television, giving away their best-kept secrets. During their appearance, Ira asked Karan who he’d like to kill, marry and hook-up with between Saanvi Talwar, Mouni Roy, and Kritika Kamra. Given their history, it was a rather obvious choice to kill Saanvi but Karan surprised us all by choosing Mouni to hook up with and picking Kritika for marriage.

Wondering how his present flame Anusha might react to this answer? Well, she was pretty chill about it, as she sat through his rapid-fire right beside him. The Indo-Australian VJ, singer, actress in fact, even joked about it saying how this reply of Karan would disintegrate into another universe and leave her alone. Talking about Karan’s ex-girlfriend Kritika, Anusha said, “I love Kritika. I think she is so amazing. And she and I have always shared a really good relationship after I started dating (Karan Kundra) because I didn’t know her before that. So when I met her through him, she is so much fun and we have always had a great time whenever we have ever hung out.”

Anusha Dandekar and BF Karan Kundra
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Anusha further added, “Kritika is so great. And I have always told Kritika, you know, because of you and Karan, I swear to God my life is going insane. Because they obviously had such great chemistry onscreen also.” The couple along with Ira further discussed how fans at times connect with onscreen characters and find it hard to detach. Adds Karan, “It’s interesting because even actors start associating themselves with their…you are with one particular family for 7-8 years.  You will see a lot of people on television, they start having affairs with the people on set.”

Talking about the hate and trolls Anusha had to deal with from Karan’s followers, she elaborated, “I live in a bubble. I have a very niche audience. And they are all very positive, loving, and pink and happy. And flowery. And everybody is all good vibes, positive vibes. Suddenly comes in Karan Kundra. All my followers are like, “OMG he is so handsome!” And suddenly his followers come in, “Kill her.” “What the hell?” And I’d wake up every morning,” Never had so much hate.”

Kritika Kamra
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Anusha added she didn’t deal with any of it for a year. She’d call up her friends and freak out. The comments would be very nasty, even in Hindi and Punjabi. Anusha now jokes how she’d get her beau Karan to translate the latter ones. Karan intervened stating, “When I post something, I forget about it. I keep my life very separate.”

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