Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2 Episode 22-23 Review: Rohit And Poonam Get Intimate

In the latest episode, Rohit and Poonam get into a physical relationship. Rohit feels guilty while Poonam tries to calm him down.


In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Bani spots Arya with a girl in the cafe and gets possessive. She meets Arya and tells him that they should give another chance to their relationship. Ananya reaches home and Rohit gets angry at her for meeting Harry. He blames her for informing Harry about his financial crisis. Bani shares her concerns with Ananya and says that Arya has changed. Poonam meets Abhimanyu and tells him that she likes him but she can’t go on the trip with him. Poonam tells Sheena to take everyone out as she needs to be alone.

In the latest episode, Rohit taunts Nikki and says that the kids have been super busy these days and do not care about their parents. Bani goes out for a lunch date and Rohit tries to stop her. In the hotel, Ananya and Bani spend time together. Ananya tells Bani that she has called Arya to meet her. Bani apologises to Arya for leaving and he accuses her of not loving him. He tells her that he is going to America and leaves from there. Sheena tells Poonam that she is taking the ladies out as the latter wants to be alone. Poonam cries her heart out thinking about Abhimanyu. Rohit calls Ananya and informs her that his financial crisis will soon be over. Ananya disconnects Rohit’s call seeing Bani cry and tries to calm her down. Rohit goes to meet Poonam and the latter pours her heart out in front of him. The two get into a physical relationship.

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Poonam and Rohit talk about what happened between them. Rohit feels guilty for getting physical with Poonam. She tries to make him understand that it was her fault. Rohit returns home and lies to Ananya when she asks him where he was. She tells Rohit that she was taking care of Bani as she was sad. Rohit remembers the time he got into a physical relationship with Ananya while he was married to Poonam. Ananya bumps into Poonam at the medical shop. Ananya sees a love bite on Poonam’s neck and is glad that she has managed to move on from Rohit.

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