Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Rohit Confesses To Poonam

In tonight's episode, Ananya urges Rohit to leave her and go to his family whereas, Rohit confesses his love for Ananya to Poonam!

In the previous episode, Rohit comes home leaving his 3rd anniversary with Ananya. Ananya on the other side is very sad and left out as Rohit always hides his relationship with her. Whereas, Rohit’s daughter Vani happens to see the text of Ananya on her father’s phone. Vani gets shocked after knowing the truth. 

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 In tonight’s episode of Kehne Ke Humsafar Hai, Vani goes ahead and spills out his father’s secret to his mother. Before that, she confronts her father. Poonam demands Rohit end his relationship with Ananya. Poonam also says that she has forgiven him once six years before for doing the same. This time she won’t let anyone ruin her home and her daughters. 


On the other hand, Ananya’s friends tell her that Rohit is just passing his time with her not that he loves her. They suggest Ananya get over him. Ananya tries her best to justify Rohit but couldn’t. Rohit keeps calling her but she never picks up the call. Instead, she goes out with her friends. Rohit at last waits for her near to her home. When Ananya come, they both go to her home and talk. Ananya says that she is alone in this relationship. She cannot see him in guilt every time because of her. She urges Rohit to leave her and go back to his family. 

When Rohit comes home, he brings a gift for his younger daughter as she scored good marks in her 12th exams. Poonam behaves very normally to him as if nothing happened. In the bedroom, she would be talking to Rohit when Rohit confesses his love for Ananya. 

Will Poonam accept his love for Ananya? let’s find out tom.

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