Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Is Ananya Still The ‘Other Woman’?

Rohit tells Ananya to move in with him. He throws a party for her but leaves halfway to see Bani. Ananya feels like the other woman in his life.


In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Ananya and Rohit secretly get married in a temple. Somehow the news reaches Poonam who gets disheartened. Poonam tells Rohit to leave her alone. Rohit says that his daughter is getting married and he will not leave her. But Poonam removes her mangalsutra and gives it to Rohit as she tells him to leave.

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In the latest episode, Ananya’s friends get emotional as she is not talking to them for a week. They get to know that Ananya is not even talking to Rohit and she is upset with him. Rohit reaches Ananya’s office and he blames her for telling everything to her friends. Ananya asks Rohit if she regrets marrying her. Rohit in return tells her that she needs to move in with him as his mother is waiting for her. As Ananya moves in with Rohit, his mother leaves the house and goes to stay with Poonam.

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Ananya decides to seduce Rohit. But he does not pay attention to her. Ananya tries various techniques to gain his attention but fails miserably. Ananya lashes out at her friend Cherry as Rohit is not talking to her. Rohit informs Ananya that he has invited her friends over for a party. Rohit gets to know that Bani got admission in NYU. He decides to leave the party to celebrate with his daughter. He reaches home and tells Ananya that he needs to be with his daughters. Ananya feels like the other woman in Rohit’s life and says that she does not want to separate him from his family.

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