Kumkum Bhagya 1 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Rhea Plans To Steal Pragya From Prachi

In tonight's episode, Rhea visits Pragya when Prachi is not there and pretends to have a headache so Pragya will take care of her.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Rhea

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, When Abhi shows up Nish lies and says he only did it to get revenge on Rhea. Aliya tells Rhea later that she promised to release Nish anf give him money. Rhea says that Aliya and Prachi’s mom are two heroes in her life. Aliya gets jealous when Rhea praises Prachi’s mom. Meanwhile, Ranbir continues to be rude to Prachi out of jail. He tells her to come to his house to pick up a folder to bring it to work. When Prachi leaves for work, Rhea shows up to meet Pragya.

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In tonight’s episode, Rhea shows up at Pragya’s door. She tells Pragya that she was passing by and had a headache so she stopped by Pragya’s house. Shahana is doubtful of Rhea’s intentions. Pragya asks Shahana to bring head ache medicine from the medicine cabinet. Shahana tells Pragya that they don’t have the medicine.

Shahana asks Rhea to go out and get the medicine. However, Pragya says she is giving Rhea a massage and asks Shahana to get the medicine and return. Daadi finds out that some of her jewelry is missing. Aliya sees Daadi and returns the jewelry Rhea had stolen. She says that she took the jewelry only to get it cleaned.

Daadi notices that Aliya is a changed person who seems happier. Aliya says that it is because of Purab. Meanwhile, Purab is in office. He asks his assistant to bring him the number of the CM’s media co-ordinators hoping to get Disha’s number. When he gets Disha’s number Purab remembers she already has a husband and doesn’t call her.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Purab
Purab gets Disha’s number but hesitates to talk to her because he heard she is married.

Shahana returns with the medicines and finds Rhea sitting with her head in Pragya’s lap. When Pragya goes to make coffee for Rhea, Shahana confronts Rhea. She accuses Rhea of trying to steal Prachi’s mother from her. Rhea drinks the coffee and while leaving tells Shahana to not mess with her or she will steal Pragya away from them.

Shahana immediately calls up Prachi telling her everything that happened with Rhea. Prachi gets worried but decides to deal with it after she reaches home. When she reaches Ranbir’s house and takes the files, Ranbir’s daadi forces him to take Prachi to work in his car. Stay tuned to find out how Prachi deals with Rhea’s threat.

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