Kumkum Bhagya 13 May 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Abhi And Daadi Follow Pragya’s Taxi

Abhi and Daadi follow the cab, the one they think Pragya is in.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Abhi

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea and Prachi try to help Pragya who is locked inside the kitchen. Rhea then runs to Abhi and asks him to help. Meanwhile, a fire breaks out in the kitchen leaving a lot of smoke. When Abhi opens the door he can’t see Pragya with all the smoke. Pragya then hears that Sarita fainted in the vegetable market and goes to help her. Daadi sees Pragya leaving the party and asks Abhi to follow her.

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In tonight’s episode, Abhi takes the car out to follow Pragya’s taxi. Daadi tells him she must be scared that no one met her and because of his Pragya left. However it is rush hour and Pragya asks her driver to speed up to reach Sarita faster. Abhi loses focus in seeing Pragya’s car but catches sight of it again.

Prachi goes to thank Ranbir for helping her mom. She finds him holding his hand in pain after getting hurt. Ranbir pretends to be a hero who doesn’t need help. He even guilt-trips Prachi into telling him sorry. Prachi leaves believing that Ranbir is a nice guy while Ranbir is happy that Rhea and Prachi both see him as a hero.

Shahana slips and runs into Rhea. This makes Rhea angry and it starts off an argument between the two of them. Rhea insults Shahana for being poor. She demands for a glass of water from Shahana then refuses to drink from it. Shahana cries and tells this whole incident to Prachi who get angry at Rhea.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Prachi
Shahana tells Prachi that Rhea insulted her

Abhi follows the cab he knows is Pragya’s. He stops the cab and gets out of his car. Pragya’s cab stops too, but when she looks up she has hit a dead end. Abhi also sees someone else in the cab that he stops. Abhi is back in his car when Pragya passes by them again.

Prachi confronts Rhea at the party. Rhea is happy about making Shahana cry by what she said. She demands respect when Prachi is talking to her. Prachi loses her patience and warns Rhea to never insult Shahana. Prachi threatens to punish Rhea to make her a better person.

Meanwhile Abhi returns home and Aliya notices that he is upset. Abhi believes that he followed the wrong car. Aliya says that she felt Pragya was in the house too. However she believes that Pragya was there to steal Abhi’s daughter. Stay tuned to find out how Abhi reacts to his disappointment at not meeting Pragya.

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