Kumkum Bhagya 15 August 2019 Written Update: Ranbir Refuses To Follow Rhea’s Plan?

In tonight's episode, Ranbir is touched when he sees Prachi take care of him and tells Rhea he can't break her heart.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Rhea

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Purab sees Disha at the party but Aliya notices them together. Aliya accuses Disha of using the CM’s event as an excuse to get close to Purab. Disha goes away upset after Purab doesn’t support her. Purab tries to console Disha later but she goes away from him. Purab meets Hritik and finds out that he is only Disha’s business partner and not her husband. Prachi finds Disha crying and calls Pragya for help.

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In tonight’s episode, Prachi calls Pragya and tells her about Disha’s condition. Pragya is surprised to hear about Disha crying anad decides to call up Disha to find out. Sarita asks Pragya to go to the party and meet Disha as well as collect her award. Pragya decides to stay with Sarita and call up Disha instead of going for the party.

Prachi feels uneasy at the party and goes to the terrace. There she finds Ranbir drinking a beer by himself. Prachi tries to tells Ranbir to stop drinking. Ranbir tries to explain himself but ends up spilling the beer on his suit. Prachi helps Ranbir get the alcohol stains off his suit. Ranbir is touched seeing Prachi taking care of him.

Purab meets Abhi and tells him about what happened between Disha and Aliya. Purab says he thinks Disha hates him. Abhi says that Disha doesn’t hate Purab. He asks him to let time sort out their problems. Disha goes into a room and leaves her phone outside. Aliya follows Disha into the room.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Aliya
Aliya sees Pragya’s call on Disha’s phone and thinks they both have a plan.

When she enters Disha is wiping her tears in the washroom. Pragya calls up Disha’s number and Aliya sees the call. She thinks Pragya and Disha are planning to come back in the Mehra family. When Disha comes out Aliya warns her to stay away from her husband. Disha says she has no interest in Aliya’s husband.

Rhea notices Dimpy blushing. She asks Dimpy to tell her the guy she likes. Dimpy says she likes Rhea’s cousin, Aryan. Rhea tells Dimpy that she is too low class to be with Aryan. Ranbir tells Rhea that he can’t make Prachi fall in love with him and break her heart. Will Rhea force Ranbir to break Prachi’s heart? Stay tuned to find out.

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