Kumkum Bhagya 18 November 2019 Episode Written Update: Pragya Realises Priyanka’s Trap?

In tonight's episode, Priyanka tricks Rishi to meet her on a cliff saying she wants to apologise. Abhi and Pragya find out about the plan.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Pragya

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi’s office boy proves that Priyanka called Rishi to the room at night. When Priyanka makes up another story to save herself, Pragya herself testifies against Priyanka. She tells the court that Priyanka threatened to kill herself if Rishi didn’t marry her. The court feels Priyanka’s case has no proof but decides to give it’s judgement in 3 days time. Priyanka then decides to use another plan to get Rishi. The next morning Rhea is leaving for a Europe tour, Priyanka decides to go home to meet Daadi too.

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In tonight’s episode,  Aliya tries to get Purab to go with her for a big client’s party. Purab refuses to go till Abhi agrees to go too. Aliya says Purab should go out with her more because they are husband and wife. Abhi then gets a call from Priyanka who says that her flight will be delayed for 3 hours.

She adds that Rishi is calling her to meet him one last time. She says Rishi wants to apologise and explain himself, but Abhi stops her. Before Abhi can explain why, his phone falls in a fishbowl and is spoilt. Priyanka then calls Rishi from an unknown number.

Rishi answers the call in front of Pragya. Priyanka says she is leaving Rishi forever and wants to meet him one last time to apologise personally. Pragya stops Rishi from going anywhere near Priyanka, but Rishi feels Priyanka has genuinely changed and goes to meet her. When Rishi reaches there Priyanka tries to woo him again.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Rishi and Priyanka
Priyanka tries to force Rishi to take the saat phere with her.

Abhi fixes his phone and calls Pragya to find out where Rishi is. Pragya is surprised that Rishi is not at home. Abhi feels Rishi is tricking Priyanka but Pragya insists Priyanka is trapping Rishi. Priyanka tries to force Rishi to marry her and even creates a fire to take the saat phere.

Rishi takes a bottle of water and throws it on the fire to put it out. He tells Priyanka that he will never love her and goes away. Ranbir wonders what kind of girls he really likes. He asks his mother who says he will like girls like Prachi. Watch how Priyanka reacts to Rishi’s rejection tomorrow.

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