Kumkum Bhagya 21 June 2019 Preview: Ranbir Is Kidnapped Searching For Prachi?

In the next episode, Ranbir goes searching for Prachi and finds her tied up. He is attacked when he tries to rescue her.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Prachi

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya meets the CM in secret and tries to tell her the truth but the CM’s brother steps in and takes Pragya away. Later Pragya threatens to kill the CM’s brother itself. He laughs at Pragya because he know she won’t shoot. Abhi is suspicious and finds out that Rohit is the one trying to kill the CM. The guard kidnaps Abhi and takes him in the same room as Prachi. Abhi finds out the Prachi’s mother is being forced to kill the CM.

Catch a sneak-peek of the next episode here.

In the next episode, Ranbir finds Prachi kidnapped. He tries to save her but he ends up getting knocked out when someone hits him in the back of his head. Pragya is raising the gun again to shoot at the PM. Meanwhile, Abhi has taken hold of a glass piece and is trying to cut through the ropes and escape. Will he escape in time to stop Pragya? Stay tuned to find out.

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