Kumkum Bhagya, 22 February 2019, Written Update Of Full Episode: Pragya Falls Unconscious

Joined by Pragya and Aliya, Abhi kicks Tanu out of the house. Just then, Pragya falls unconscious. Abhi picks her up and rushes to the bedroom.

Pragya Arora falls unconscious in a scene from Kumkum Bhagya

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw that Tanu makes repeated attempts to harm Pragya and her baby. She tears Pragya’s lehenga so that she trips over it and falls. For backup, she puts fidget spinner beads on the stairs and even tries distracting Abhi from saving Pragya. But just when Pragya slips and is about to fall down the stairs, when Abhi quickly grabs and saves her. Meanwhile, a furious King warns Tanu to stay away from Pragya or else he will expose her.

Looks like failed attempts and consistent warning bells weren’t enough for Tanu after all. In tonight’s episode, she returns in all her vamp glory and spikes Pragya’s juice once again. Just when she is threatening the helper to give Pragya the glass of juice, the female in question arrives at the spot and catches Tanu red-handed. Not only does Pragya reveal to everyone what Tanu has been up to, she even gets the helper to add to the facts with her testimony. Enraged by the accusations, Tanu tries to push Pragya away which infuriates Abhi. Abhi slaps Tanu for harming Pragya and taking disadvantage of his kind-heartedness. Unable to digest Abhi’s anger, Tanu tells him that Pragya has snatched everything from her, including him.

Tanu tries to harm Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya
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After Abhi and Pragya ask Tanu to leave the house, she turns to her best friend Aliya for help. But Aliya has had a change of heart ever since Pragya has returned to the Mehra mansion. Thus, she refuses to have Tanu’s back, and in fact, backs up Abhi and Pragya on asking her to leave the house. When her last option is kicked off the table, Tanu alleges that Aliya has never helped him and only come to Tanu to cry or crib about Purab. Her words act as the final nail in the coffin and Aliya slaps Tanu again.

King tries to make Tanu understand but she slaps him in return. He then tells Abhi to immediately throw Tanu out of his house. Joined by Pragya and Aliya, he kicks Tanu out of the house and slams the door on her face. In the next scene, Pragya falls unconscious. Abhi picks her up and rushes to their bedroom. Aliya calls the doctor, who checks Pragya and confirms that there is nothing to worry about. Pragya gains consciousness again, and both Abhi-Pragya cuddle together. The episode ends with Abhi promising Pragya that he will keep her and their baby safe and healthy.

Abhi-Pragya in a romantic scene from Kumkum Bhagya
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What will Tanu do now to enter Abhi’s life again? Will King take revenge for the slap from Tanu? Will the papaya juice act up and cause trouble in Abhi-Pragya’s paradise?

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