Kumkum Bhagya 6 November 2019 Episode Written Update: Abhi Stops Aliya From Meeting Disha

In tonight's episode, Aliya finds Purab's car outside Disha's building. Abhi luckily sees Aliya and tries to stop her from going in.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Aliya

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea calls Abhi back home immediately. Abhi agrees to return only if Rhea decides to go back with him to Pragya’s house. Abhi leaves the house to pick up Rhea and bring her to meet Pragya. When Abhi goes out, Pragya also decides to go the Mehra Mansion and return before Abhi comes back. Purab goes to meet Disha when he gets a call from Aliya. She understands he is in Disha’s house and goes to check for herself. Priyanka is spying on Shahana and Sarita who are waiting for Rishi to pick him up.

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In tonight’s episode, Pragya gets a cab and goes to Abhi’s house to pick up Prachi. She tells Madhu that she has a feeling something bad is about to happen. Prachi and Ranbir bump into each other at the party. Prachi tries to apologise to Ranbir but he refuses to talk to her.

Prachi goes back to talk to Ranbir and ask him what’s wrong. Ranbir says Prachi spoke too rudely to him and he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. He asks Prachi to go back to Sanju. Rhea calls Priyanka because the plan is about to start. Rhea sends Sanju to be with Prachi after Ranbir leaves her.

Purab is still in Disha’s house when Aliya reaches and finds his car there. Abhi is driving back home and sees Aliya in her car looking at Purab’s car outside Disha’s building. He calls up Aliya saying he and Purab had both come to Disha’s house for some work. He asks Aliya to talk to the big financer who was going to be at the Diwali party. \

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Rhea and Priyanka
Rhea puts drugs in Prachi’s drink again to make sure her plan works.

Prachi doesn’t want to drink the orange drink but then mixes it with another drink. Ranbir ends up taking the actual drink with drugs in it. Rhea sends Dimpy and gets the glass back. She takes the the waiter to the kitchen and sends him with two drinks that have the drug in them. She says she doesn’t want to take a chance of the plan failing.

Purab goes to Disha’s kitchen where she is trying to avoid him. He keeps asking her about Hritik and what is her relationship with him. Purab says he knows Disha and Hritik are not in a relationship, but Disha says that Purab is wrong. Will she admit the truth to Purab? Stay tuned to find out.

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