Kunaal Roy Kapur Shares A Delhi Belly Anecdote: Aamir Khan Made Me Eat 24 Rasgullas

In an exclusive conversation with us, Kunaal spoke about putting on weight for Delhi Belly. He recently featured in ZEE5 original Parchhayee.

Kunaal Roy Kapur

Eight years on, Kunaal Roy Kapur‘s stint in Delhi Belly is unforgettable and only funnier than ever. The actor who started his acting career with a television show has contributed significantly in making the movie a cult hit. With pivotal roles in Nautanki Saala, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Kaalakaandi and others, Kunaal has branched out in the digital universe too. Recently, he played the role of a photographer Ganpat in the episode Ganpat’s Story of ZEE5 original Parchhayee.

During an exclusive conversation about his journey so far, Kunaal touched upon an interesting anecdote from the sets of Delhi Belly. We asked him about the story behind his Instagram bio that reads ‘Rasgulla Eating Champion,’ he pointed out it has a connect with his 2011 film and Aamir Khan. Diving into the details, Kunaal revealed to us, “I was much thinner when I got the role for Delhi Belly. I was always plump but not the size I needed to be for Delhi Belly. And the condition 0n which I was given the role was that I had to put on 20 kilos. I said okay I will put on 20 kilos. Through the course of the things, we sat down and had readings. Aamir had come for one of the readings and he is like, ‘Arey, what is going on? We are shooting in 15-20 days you haven’t put on enough weight.’ So he ordered a full bowl of rasgullas, of around 24 rasgullas and he said, ‘Now eat it in front of me.’ I had to sit over there and eat the rasgullas.”

Kunaal Roy Kapur in a still from Parchhayee
Kunaal Roy Kapur in a still from Parchhayee. (Source: ZEE5)

But did he finish the bowl? “Of course,” Kunaal asserts. “I am kid ya, Aamir Khan is telling me to eat rasgullas, who is not going to eat it? I was constantly eating. I was eating anything that was in my path. I was a human Pacman,” said Kunaal.

Are you a rasgulla eating champion like Kunaal? What’s your highest score? Tag your friends and let us know how many can you eat in the comments box below.

 Ganpat’s Story also stars Tannishtha Chatterjee and Sacred Games actor Rajshri Deshpande.

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