Kundali Bhagya 13 March 2019 Preview: Karan And Preeta To Succeed In Trapping Sherlyn?

Karan will manage to make Sherlyn drink 'bhaang'. Will her pregnancy finally get exposed?

A Still From Kundali Bhagya Starring Shraddha Arya And Dheeraj Dhoopar As Preeta And Karan

In tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, we saw Sherlyn finally managing to drug Rishabh. The episode starts with Srishti confronting Sameer about Tanvi. He however assures Srishti that there’s nothing going on and that he has feelings only for her (Srishti). Their closeness is caught by Sarla, who tells Srishti that even though Sameer is a nice guy, he won’t go against Kareena. She reminds Srishti that Kareena has a huge problem with her (Srishti). She is confused by Sarla’s talks.

A Still From Kundali Bhagya Starring Anjum Faikh
A still from Kundali Bhagya starring Anjum Faikh

Watch the sneak peek of the upcoming episode here.

Later, Karan and Preeta welcome Priya, who is the gynecologist friend that they had been awaiting. Sherlyn on the other hand successfully manages to  drug Rishabh by giving him bhaang. The episode ends with him confessings his feelings for Preeta to Sheryn!

A Scene From Kundali Bhagya Featuring Ruhi Chaturvedi As Sherlyn
A still from Kundali Bhagya featuring Ruhi Chaturvedi as Sherlyn

In the upcoming episode, we will see Karan and Preeta carrying out their plan to trap Sherlyn. Karan will manage to make Sherlyn drink the thandai, that has bhaang mixed in it. 

Will she get high? Will her pregnancy finally be exposed? Stay tuned for all the updates here!

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