Kundali Bhagya 14 February 2019 Preview: Monisha Back Stabs Sherlyn, Reveals Her Truth!

Monisha exposes Sherlyn in front of Kareena. Will Sherlyn be able to defend herself?

A Scene From Kundali Bhagya Featuring Ruhi Chaturvedi As Sherlyn

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya, we saw Monisha breaking off her marriage with Karan, when Sofia faked an act of being pregnant with his child. But Monisha  was determined to seek revenge and made Sofia her target.

Watch the upcoming episode’s spoiler where Monisha goes against Sherlyn and reveals her hidden secret!

She took the latter aside and manipulated her by cooking up a story about Karan molesting her, in an inebriated state. Sofia fell into Monisha’s trap and went against her own plan. She turned on Karan and his family, stating that they had no right to treat Monisha this way.

A Scene From Kundali Bhagya Starring Roma Arora As Sofia
A still from Kundali Bhagya starring Roma Arora as Sofia

In the upcoming episode, we see Monisha stopping at no one and making Sherlyn and Kareena her next targets. She accuses Kareena of having mixed something in Karan’s drink, that got him drunk and led to his misbehaviour. Monisha then reveals that it was Sherlyn who had asked her to marry Karan!

What will Sherlyn do next? How will she defend herself in front of Kareena? And what will Monisha’s next move be?

Lot’s of spice and drama coming up, so stay tuned for your timely updates here!

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